🎉 Fediverse.Party and its Wiki finally finished migration to a new home!

Our code repository can be found at Codeberg:


Honoured to be part of @codeberg community.

#ActivityPub Apps and Tools lists became part of #delightful lists curated by @humanetech (updates appear on the website, as always).



Please, update your bookmarks.

The website is now hosted by @minoru

P/s we also have a mirror (just in case 🙃):


@humanetech Thank you! Part of my brain keeps whispering: we should be able to do that (push announcements) in a federated fashion - from Mastodon to Lemmy at least :) Copying same thing to many different places is time consuming.

If only we had nomadic identities, mhh? Everybody following *you* (and not you Mastodon, Lemmy, or whatever account) would see it, simple as that.

@silmathoron @lightone would be great to have that fedi-wide.

The idea is a bit different.It allows anyone to publish any data at their location of choice, and conforming to a specific profile. This information then federates to different instances where people can subscribe to it based on profile metadata they are interested in.

Interested in ClimateChange, SolarPunk, OpenScience? Subscribe and the data (which can be anything) starts flowing to you from all across the

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