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Is #CyberSecurity your passion? Awesome! We want to hear from you!
Join @CERTEU@twitter.com and #teamDIGIT as Cyber Security expert 👩‍💻👨‍💻and help us keep the cyber space safe.
Find out more & apply by 27 May at noon 👉 bit.ly/3OLqu5P



thanks for the info, but I think that you should not offer here to join a twitter account ... or at least mention mastodon too.

cyber security experts here will not do it 😃


@ona @EC_DIGIT

Something tailored to the Fediverse would help and get more interaction. Still when it comes to a boost of something coming from birdsite might still lead to fedizens finding

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@humanetech totally agree with you and i know that @EC_DIGIT is learning here 🤓 and i am super-happy that comes. but if you want the best in security here, the ones that don't have a twitter account because they are conscious of what it means... maybe the person that manages this account could rethink the strategy.
comment with the desire you make it great here! 💜

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