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After two years of intensive work, extensive source code for #Bluesky has been heaved over the wall. When Muskopolis bought the company they must have thought "oh shit, we better show some kind of progress - however minimal - otherwise we'll all be fired when the new management arrives".

I'm not very familiar with Typescript, but I've reviewed the code and it's fairly easy to see what they're doing.

In a nutshell it's a reinvention of SOLID, but without the linked data and RDF fluff and specialised on microblogging. Identity uses DIDs, which are typically blockchain based unless they're PeerDID. The best that can be said for this is that at least they didn't roll their own identity system. There are no permissions/capabilities on feeds, but this is only demo grade code.

With a lot more coding, could something like this eventually rival ActivityPub? Perhaps. But I am inclined to think that basing the system on DIDs is a non-starter.

Twitter / Bluesky 


> With a lot more coding, could something like this eventually rival ActivityPub? Perhaps.

I'm thinking of this and how people react to Bluesky in general, and picture engineers at Philips sarcastically remark among themselves:

"Could something like VHS eventually rival Betamax? Perhaps" *snicker*

The analogy is off. We're not at Betamax level. There are parts missing. Parts that in Bluesky they identified as high prio cases to tackle 1st. Though maybe not in best way.

Twitter / Bluesky 

@humanetech @bob I'm pretty ill-read on identitie systems but my impression was that DIDs open up the potential for verifiable credentials (, ie trustworthy/checkable cross-fediverse blue-ticks.

Twitter / Bluesky 

@nicol @bob

That is true. A whole range of related specs up to Self Sovereign Identity. I stopped following it really, due to all the blockchain stuff in it, and don't have a good overview of what's happening.

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@humanetech @nicol @bob The blockchain bandwagon has rolled enough over the last 10+ years that I'm at the point now where I actively would not trust something based on a blockchain, even if it used negligible electricity. The people around it and that whole ecosystem are extremely sketchy.

Twitter / Bluesky 

@bob @humanetech I think while DIDs were driven by the needs of blockchained wallets/transactions, they're not dependent on them so work with any decentralised tech, ie ActivityPub/Solid/etc.

As Mastodon lets me verify my relationship to a URL, it's hard to think of other verification/KYC without cost. If Bluesky's 'DID Consortium' endgame is people/corps paying to verify/'own' their IDs, I can't see a reason third party services couldn't offer the same for ActivityPub users.

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@nicol @bob @humanetech I don't know what the DID Consortium endgame is. Is it aiming to be some kind of identity gatekeeper?

Twitter / Bluesky 

@bob @nicol

I don't know either. I mean the things these specifications try to solve I'm behind. But I'd rather wait until something rolls out of all these efforts that looks like it sound, broadly accepted, and finds widespread adoption.

Maybe @rhiaro could shine more light on the direction all this is going?

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@humanetech @nicol first I heard about it, got any links?

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@rhiaro @humanetech @nicol

The announcement came together with the news that The Elon wants money for "state actors" or organisations.

From 1 article
“Bluesky joined a field already occupied by several decentralized networking protocols, including ActivityPub, which powers the Mastodon platform. But its researchers have stressed that they’re trying to learn from and build on these efforts, not simply replicate them. ADX is a long-awaited step forward — and a chance to see if that promise holds up.”

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@sl007 @rhiaro @humanetech @nicol “we can sign content by the user's key” – I don’t like the sound of that at all. So they’re going to hold the private keys. (Of course.) I mean, this is likely going to be the worst possible right-libertarian and corporate implementation of such a thing given who’s behind it. Not sure why we even still give billionaires the benefit of the doubt. No billionaire or trillion-dollar corporation is your friend.

@aral @sl007 @rhiaro @humanetech @nicol It's worth looking at who the initial team is. They made a pretty straight forward announcement that they are now 100% independent of twitter as well and set up a PBC to show it.


@aral @liaizon @sl007 @rhiaro @nicol

Missed that as well, apart from seeing news about recent hires. Paul Frazee, protocol engineer and previously of Beaker Browser and DAT project / Hypercore protocol among them.

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