is some serious crazy stuff where citizens can only scratch their head and think "How could they come up with this?"

Not only that, but this nightmare is brought on the table over and over again. It is against values and rights to . It erodes with people that is working in the collective best interest.

What's next? Camera's in our home, so we can all feel safe knowing big brother is watching over us?


Or should we wear an always-on microphone at all times that broadcasts our private conversations to some cloud so it can be analysed. And with the device conveniently bleeping when our discussion enters 'dangerous ground' according to the rules of the day?


This could of course be our 'trusty' smartphone, where some simple software backdoors the whole thing, if that wasn't already half-way done by themself in their quest.

After all it saves some energy if the stuff is already in an Amazon, Google or Facebook datacenter. And is important. We all know that.

/ end rant


, for some non-rant background information, please refer to @echo_pbreyer who is tirelessly keeping us informed about the status of these, what you might call, just some Massively Expletive Policies (just some MEP's)

See most recent toot on the subject:

(And apologies for my rants.. it is just that in a world where so much is going on, we can do without this additional bizarre stuff)

@humanetech @EU_Commission I like the idea, let's create a startup and ask EU funds to finance it. Who is in?
After all, we need to keep the children safe.
/end irony

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