We've stabilized and re-deployed the job-offer and job-candidate bot for the Fediverse.

🚀 search.flockingbird.social/

Please bear with us while we monitor and improve the bot and indexing service. It will crash. It will get things wrong.

We are aware that it can and should be improved. A lot. The hard part is not seeing what can be done better, not even in actually doing it. But in prioritizing what should be improved first.

So please! By all means let us know what you think sucks, needs work, can be done better or withholds you from using the job-search.

Better even: make that a ticket: github.com/Flockingbird/hunter. And best, obviously: make it a PR. The webpage is just plain HTML & vanilla JS. entry level. The bot is rust; sorry.


@flockingbird great project!

I'd like to know how the bot finds job results. Maybe if that's better presented we can help improve search result by using the right hashtags, etc.

I'll add this to list at:


Btw, curious about your evaluation results re:Roost proof of concept, that uses DDD..

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@humanetech I'll document this and will link to it.

Currently is simply uses a fixed list of hastags. Which are job related. And a fixed list that filters results too. Nothing fancy.

As the sidebar mentions, just use a hash-vacancy hashtag to denote job postings.

But I'll spend some time writing this for a help page. Good suggestion,thanks

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