I keep encountering mentions of Treebird and I found one server at treebird.froth.zone but i can't find the source code or the project page. Where is it?

Actually, I am being stupid. ^_^
We are federated, I can ask directly.

Hi, what is Treebird and where is its project page or source code?


@houkimenator @sam

It is pleroma I see in the "view source" of the page.

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Maybe it's an alternative frontend to it or something.
The original pleroma frontend does not work without Javasript.
This one does, and moreover it has JS-related settings.

@houkimenator @humanetech Pleroma with Treebid-FE outlook. Simplistic...
@houkimenator @humanetech Damn i was looking into Treebird-FE repository couple of days ago, try this https://git.nekobit.net/treebird.git/
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