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Alright multi-instance support logic implemented, just need to throw together the UI and make sure everything refreshes correctly P:

Did everyone else throw their Mastodon instance on DigitalOcean SFO2 or something? Are we killing the server with our toots?

(I kid, cloud hosting means I don't have to figure out stuff like this which I'm incredibly grateful for)

@ummjackson Your guide works! One change; I did everything as the mastodon user, but this line I had to do as root:

letsencrypt certonly --standalone -d example.com

Just waiting for DNS to propagate and I can start configuring/customizing :thumbsup:

So yeah setting up a Mastodon instance is kinda tricky

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Anyone here into trivia? Like, super into it?

I ask because I have referrals to LearnedLeague, which is a pretty difficult but also really fun invite-only online trivia challenge. You get a 25-match "season" where you try to out-play an opponent each day, through answering more questions right and "defending" against your opponent's correct answers.

Next season is May 15th, and it's free to try, so if you're interested send me a direct with your email and I'll send more details!

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Prediction: Mastodon will likely outlast Twitter.

Historically, decentralized, open-source platforms and protocols with any adoption run forever, even if they rarely reach the popularity or cultural relevance of centralized platforms.

It seems likely to me that when Twitter eventually shuts down, people will still be running Mastodon instances.

Did you know Diaspora has 328 active nodes and 17k users? Hell, there are 3,652 active FidoNet nodes, and that started in 1984!

So... am I wrong?

So I'm gonna keep this account around as a sort of meta-Mastodon account—the network, the code, adminning, etc.—and use @hupfen@awoo.space as my general socializing one. Then, of course, a thepractice.space one for manning that.

So, y'know, following me here is cool, but my awoo.space one might be more what you're looking for. I dunno. I dunno why people would follow me in the first place, what is with you people

I'm going to University of Western Ontario so at bare minimum I have the W accounted for

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Flash forward to me in grad school waiting to pitch the university on its own Mastodon instance until I can come up with a believable backronym for calling the server "awoo"

Something I noticed and appreciate:

Not a single Mastodon instance has tripped uBlock Origin for me, at all.

Aww, sheesh. Why did I get trombone.zone when thepractice.space is available and makes way more sense. :neutral_face:

Well, time to figure out something goofy and dumb to use trombone.zone for

Beyond just trying to set up a site and a community and keep it all from falling apart (a huge challenge in and of itself), I'm gonna see if I can manage to contribute back to Mastodon source via my trombone.zone instance. Want to try and make music embeds and unfurls more robust.

I've never contributed to a FOSS project before, and I don't feel like I *need* to in my life, but it'd be a nice little feather in my cap.

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For everyone confused by the whole federation thing, trying to compare it to Twitter... Forget Twitter. Think e-mail. You can choose between different e-mail providers on different domains or even host your own server instance. Then you can communicate across those instances with other users on them.
No, it doesn't make sense to "claim" your nickname everywhere. Yes, you should choose the server wisely because all your data reside on that server without an easy way to migrate them...

And because I'm poking at this on my work computer ( :zipper_mouth: ) and the UI is React/Redux I can watch every action fire off as I'm mucking about :smile:

I'm curious if/how stuff like Soundcloud/Spotify/Bandcamp/etc. unfurl here, or if (as I suspect) they just show up as links.

Also this song is good.


I imagine it'd be a lot like forums, tbh, just without the same kind of threading. But I wonder if it'd be better than all the disparate Facebook groups for different regions/subgenres/scenes. Somewhere that a PDX post-rocker like me could reach a local punk band and a Seattle post-rock group in one fell swoop

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Wonder if there's a use case here for different domains targeting different communities. Like, what if I made a musicians' Mastodon instance?


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