Any good alternative to Google groups ? It's for a friend of mine, @kaulian, who is looking to change the software used by the parents of his son's school. Maybe you know one @switchingsoftware ?

@hyde_stevenson @kaulian @switchingsoftware

Discourse is quit similar in features, especially when it comes to bridging the forum / mailing list semantics.

@sheogorath for mailing list... To send mail and information to parents of my children's school

@kaulian And I guess self-hosting is not an option. Maybe you can check with: @libreops (bot) as they run

@hyde_stevenson @switchingsoftware @kaulian You should get a cheap webspace and install open source forum software.Other hosted solutions aren't much better as I'm currently experiencing with Forumotion 🙄 Some modern open source solutions in PHP (suitable for shared webhosting) are:
- | Source:
- | Source:
- | Source:
- | Source:

@nipos @sheogorath I think @kaulian will be more able to answer your questions. But basically I know some other parents use Googlegroups but he wants to use something else instead...

@WandelStock in fact i want mailing feature not riot in this case.

@hyde_stevenson @kaulian @switchingsoftware In the past I've heard people mention as an option. I've never used it myself, but it might be worth looking at.

Looks really interesting :)
@switchingsoftware you should add some of these links on your website :)

@jerrykan That looks like an interesting option indeed, also for . The project is using Google Groups so far. I'll look into it!

@hyde_stevenson @kaulian If the need is newsletters, simply using MailPoet might suffice:
If the need is to do a larger communitizing effort, CiviCRM is available, but that is bringing out the big guns...

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