On one hand I'm glad to have a day with nothing planned. On the other hand I'm starting to get bored.

Just had breakfast and coffee, which naturally means it's time to go back to bed.

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Good morning!

I really should post here more often.

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I was filling in my lottery ticket when a note suddenly appeared, with numbers and "play these", in my handwriting. I played those.
I didn't win. The numbers I had picked first, but didn't play, did.
Another note appeared: "sorry, but the wealth ruined you/me"
Then both faded.

Actually had a fun time at rugby training today.

Okay I really need to finally get out of bed. Motivation, where are you.

Good morning. Day Two of my 6-week block course today. Let's try to keep that motivation going....

Back to Uni today for a block course I desperately want to finish.

Home after an evening of rugby training. My legs are in pain. I need a massage.

Hoping this coffee gives me the energy boost I need to survive the morning, at the very least.

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This is Rosie, the best girl, and she's going for an operation tomorrow! 1 boost = 1 kiss for Rosie

So today I actually did the dishes and finally read my friend's paper like he requested. Yay productivity!

Good morning. Gonna try to be productive today. Try. Let's hope it works this time.

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Ich glaube, es ist nur logisch, dass Nationalismus und Klimaleugnung Hand in Hand gehen: beide Ideologien wollen keine Verantwortung für diese Welt übernehmen. Der Klimawandel ist ein Problem, das wir mit internationalen Anstrengungen lösen müssten - der derzeitige weltweite Trend zur nationalen Abschottung hat als Nebeneffekt für die Rechten den „Vorteil“, auch das nicht tun zu müssen.

@maloki I have, like, two apps for Mastodon, maybe I should move them up from where I have them in my Social folder.

@maloki I haven't gotten into the habit of even opening it lol.

Opening Mastodon still isn't in my daily "flow" of wasting my time on the internet, which is why I haven't been posting much.

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