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Off to training with the anime/manga show group I'm in again. Having breakfast together, should be fun.

@czottmann Deleting most of my birdsite history was actually quite refreshing.

My body is in pain thanks to another evening of rugby training. As reward I will be going again tomorrow.

My rugby gear arrived. I am both excited and scared.

general rant 

I hate how so many people don't apologize for the shitty things they say and instead pass it off as "omg it was a joke it's not that deep" or "omg you totally misunderstood what i meant" and then act like the victim.

Hurry up DHL I can't put my whole day on hold just because I'm waiting for an important package to arrive.

Good morning. I've done my stretches and had my breakfast. Now just gotta down this coffee and I'll be ready for the day (theoretically).

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Reminder: If you've come here from Twitter, check periodically for more people to follow as they show up here (and if you've never used it, now's the time!).

@johanbove Been using Mastalab. It's okay, but then again I've only been using it for a couple of days, and even then very rarely.

I started a Spotify radio station based on Cher's cover of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight). As expected, lots of Cher playing, but the fact that Believe has yet to play is disappointing.

So the website is fine and all, but can anyone recommend a desktop client for the Mac for Mastodon?

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Hey newbies, just FYI, the green check mark ✅ beside a display name doesn't mean anything. The user put it there, usually as a joke. No authority verifies anyone's identity on Mastodon.

@AdaAimee I am either the best or the worst person to respond to such dilemmas, as I have eaten things at unconventional hours many many times. Treat it like some people treat relationships: If you don't give it a name, it's not really a thing. 😜

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