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We initially planned to release v1.1.0-beta5 of () tomorrow, but we will be postponing the release to March 29. Please stay tuned.

Hey, everyone! It appears somethine went wrong when attempting to merge some branches on our end and beta code was pushed to our master branch. We've reverted the change and apologize for the inconvenience.

Hey, everyone! As winter break draws to a close, we pulled together the work we did over the break! We're happy to announce the release of v1.1.0-beta3, which resolves issues regarding custom emojis (among other things)! Be sure to check them out!

Hey everyone! It appears as though Santa came a bit early this year, and he brought a new beta release with him! Now you can: use the back button to move back when viewing a thread or profile page, store temporary drafts, and view more posts in a masonry layout.

These are just some of the new features, so be sure to check out the full release here:

Best holiday wishes from all of us at , and we'll see you soon!

Check out what we've been doing lately and what's new with Hyperspace! (Also waiting for more covers @Gargron)

The developers team wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for our contributors, supporters, and the amazing people using Hyperspace as their fediverse client. 🦃

For anyone wondering, this release also DOES fix the issues with the Windows builds thanks to @uchibrah building them for us.

Heads up! We've released the first beta of the next feature update to Hyperspace, v1.1. Enjoy audio support, a new Activity page, and many more refinements!

Download the beta update here:
Try Hyperspace beta here: hyperspaceapp-next.herokuapp.c
Support the project on Patreon:

We've released our fourth update to Hyperspace 1.x, Hyperspace v1.0.4. This update mainly contains bug fixes regarding the emoji picker and emergency login system.

Download the update here:
Try Hyperspace here:
Support the project on Patreon:

We've released our third update to Hyperspace 1.x, Hyperspace v1.0.3. This update renames Hyperspace to Hyperspace Desktop, fixes some UI confusion, and should resolve an issue for Pleroma users on the About page.

Download the update here:
Try Hyperspace here:
Support the project on Patreon:

Howdy, anyone interested in helping @hyperspacedev design a new icon/iconset for Hyperspace?

Excited to announce that @uchibrah will be joining the team as a developer for Hyperspace Desktop! 🎉

Welcome aboard.

Howdy! We've published our redesign of the website and have written a press statement about the future of the Hyperspace project. See more here:

Hey, I have news. I've deliberated with the team a bit here, and there is much to relay and look at regarding the future of . Things such as the future of Hyperspace on the Mac App Store and possible mobile versions were discussed, as well as expanding our team. We will write a full press release about what's going on and publish it this week.

For now, the MAS version of Hyperspace will continue to remain unavialable at this time.

Important announcement:

@bio_ico, @Nomad1556 and I will be discussing the future of Hyperspace and what will be happening to the macOS version after this Electron Private API fiasco. If we do decide on some important announcements, expect a press statement coming from us about the Hyperspace project this week.

Due to an issue with the Mac App Store package for Hyperspace, v1.0.2 will not be re-released on the Mac App Store yet.

We've released our second update to Hyperspace 1.x, Hyperspace v1.0.2. This update should fix an issue found on reblogged posts and their context menus. Mac App Store release is pending.

Download the update here:
Try Hyperspace here:
Support the project on Patreon:

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