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Check out major service's and website's privacy policies on Term of Service; Didn't Read.

#PrivacyPolicies #Services #tosdr

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web accessibility experts, and people who use screen readers:

what's the right way to join a footnote to the sigil in the text body? plain html, no javascript -- what works best?

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When 92% of the website's bytes is fonts, it may be time to drop 'em?

What's your opinion on just using whatever font your browser/OS provides? aka "font-family: sans-serif"

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I use ProtonMail nowadays which has PGP built-in and works great with iOS so that’s my workaround for that. As for XMPP with OMEMO I gave up on iOS. 🤫

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@Lofenyy @amolith @selea @Liberapay Also the biggest problem with Cloudflare is not addressed: they SEE ALL of the DECRYPTED TRAFFIC. They are MITM all seeing proxy with logging:
Do you control the encryption keys?
Do you run a diffs between the contents of your site and the Cloudflare's served one?
Do you regularly audit their physical infrastructure for security: who, when accessed what?

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Do you use uBlock Origin? Did you know that you can use the Better Blocker block list on it?

Just add the rules from here:


PS. If you have other rule sets, I’d recommend not mixing them as we go to great pains to ensure that we don’t break sites while protecting your/our privacy. If you are mixing rulesets, we can’t help you if things break :)

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Google Analytics is the most prevalent tracker in the world. During our last crawl, we found it on 64.2% of web sites:


Developers: every time you add Google Analytics to a site, you are helping build the global panopticon. Stop it!

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@aral @borisschapira

Using uBlock Origin, I block third party requests by default.

I need to make adjustments for few sites, and IceWeasel's (also Firefox's) Reader View unbreaks articles even with off-domain CSS.

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@borisschapira @aral

I'd classify Google's font CDN as a tracker also.

It gets:
* Your IP
* Your user agent
* Date & time of visit
* HTTP Referrer (knows what site you visit)

There's little stopping them from correlating your IP with your Google account, if you used the account from your IP and agreed to their services.

Oh, there's also their DNS server.

Read more on my site: danuker.go.ro/how-to-protect-y

#privacy #Google #CDN

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Github is sinking. What now? Some quick suggestions on my blog.


Move. No reason to stay.

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Guess what? There is a now a PC available with MX Linux preinstalled.

Star Labs, a UK based laptop vendor, is offering their laptops not only with Ubuntu preinstalled, but also with several other smaller distributions, including MX Linux.

You can check out the offerings at starlabs.systems.

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@greenfediverse @catgoat #CloudFlare is inherently energy wastefull. Bots & humans who use text-based browsers are the most environmentally respectful b/c they do not tend to download images (which consumes far more bandwidth than text). When images are not downloaded, CF's #Google #CAPTCHA automatically treats the connection like a hostile bot, & actually pushes images to an otherwise very green session,

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@syster Thanks a lot for your engagement for i2p 👍 .

We at diva are familiar with spare resources 😀.

At diva we have long-term interests (the evolution of banking-technology). This evolution is based on serious academic work and software.

diva will produce deb packages containing i2p. Tails can use them via codeberg - or not (all GPLv3 anyway). We truly understand that Tor is important to Tails (funding).

Now - we'll build some i2p deb and then we'll see 😀... all good.

@tails @social

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