I'm moving instance because it's a bad idea for everyone to be on the same instance. Therefore, I'm now @iMartyn

@Tutanota can you please fix the Android app so it doesn't send a notification for new email that there's a delete rule for? Kinda frustrating to get a notification of new mail that is auto deleted because the notification happens before the rules or you're notifying me of a new mail in trash!

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Ooh, I finally have someone on my block list, does this make me a real fediverse citizen now?
Gotta wonder if the block function works like I hope it does, and that I won't see boosted toots of my blockee...
Also yes, it's a subtoot! All the presents come at once!

Just saw the best exchange between a tourist and a local Berliner. All in English: The tourist dropped a used card of some kind, the local shouted after him that he'd dropped something and picked it up to hand it to them, the tourist said not to, it was waste, 5 minutes later tourist had after much discussion put it in the bin. I love this city!

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app stores were a mistake, package managers FTW

Hey @cloud , do you have a techie version of what the project is? I'm thinking for people with the job title "Cloud Architect", "DevOps Engineer" or even "Systems Administrator"? An overview for that type of person might be nice, but it sure isn't the same as the target audience of your current "what is" page.

Feeling very sorry for myself as I have the cold that apparently half of Berlin has. I guess it's my own fault for thinking that being able to breathe is not optional. Apparently, my body thinks it's fine to shut down non essential systems like breathing. Also if my lungs didn't try to escape via my Esophagus that'd be great.

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Hey, y'all-- Facebook recently announced they're launching a "Patreon killer" service.

Regardless of your thoughts on Patreon, FB's alternative is TERRIBLE!

⚠️ 30% gross revenue fee
⚠️ Automatic LIFETIME IP rights to ANYTHING you put on the service
even if you quit!
⚠️ FB wants to give discounts and freebies whenever they like, w/o creator approval, and then deduct it from creator revenue
⚠️ FB will also control WHO sees your content and how many views you have


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Co: We have issues running FTP because on Azure the disk attachment is really slow.
M$: have you tried telling your clients not to use FTP for these huge files, perhaps they could use "az copy".

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RT @evanpro

Fuck reCaptcha.

I am sick of doing unpaid labour classifying images for Google.

We need a captcha widget that contributes to the global commons instead of siphoning value into yet another proprietary lockbox.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/evanpro/status/109

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So, had a tech consulting company email my personal email today trying to sell the company I work for services. I did the only sensible thing I could do, hit him with a GDPR Subject Access Request.

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@The_T @witchfynder_finder hahahaha i was gonna fight until you referenced amethyst and now i'm fully onboard

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Isn't it weird how we make round pizzas, delivered in square boxes, just to cut them into little triangles before eating.

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Here's a remainder no 85,234,567 as to why you shouldn't base your business around a product that depends on:

a.) Distribution via a proprietary app store where your livelihood depends on the mercy of #Apple / #Google

b.) Build your business around consuming 3rd party APIs (and maybe presenting them differently), thus being susceptible to the whims of all the parties you depend on. Encroach on their territory with a better product and THEY WILL shut you down.


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