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London, 1963

<< This amazing space-age edifice is actually the Post Office Tower under construction in 1963. The startling juxtaposition of the battered '50s van and the vaulting futurism of the tower looks like the cover of a 1960's sci-fi novel. 😍 >>

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the LGBT standard was refreshed to LGBTQ and most recently LGBTQIA, but you may see the following proprietary extensions in older equipment:

LGBT 2000
LGBT for Workgroups
μLGBTQ (embedded only)
LGBTQ Creative Cloud

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I'm looking for someone who does pixel art or a kind of.
I'd like to order something.
If that's your case or if you know someone who does, please send me a DM.

Please boost.

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One of the best gags in #Supergirl is casting Bruce Boxleitner as exactly the kind of president he fought against as Captain Sheridan on #Babylon5.

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If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

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He's something funny I heard.
I have a friend who interned at Facebook (he now has a job offer), so the knows a bit about the company internal communication.

Practically all internal communication is done with Facebook, because why not? It's the lowest common denominator. Messaging is done through Facebook messenger, teams are private groups, etc.
Except one group has resisted this: the sysadmins.
Sysadmins need to be able to communicate at all times, /especially/ if things aren't working. And it turns out that there's no way to make sure things like Facebook messenger always work—especially during outages. They're just too damn complicated.
So, they came to a compromise. The rest of the company will move to Facebook, and the sysadmins will stay on IRC, the communication platform they know they can rely on.

When Facebook's on fire and the company is panicking because they can't communicate, you can be sure of one thing: the sysadmins are chatting away on IRC about how to get it working again.

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oh my looord

"So, turns out you can access the emulator settings of the PlayStation Classic by plugging in a keyboard and pressing Escape ..which allows you to use multiple save states, scanlines, change games to NTSC for 60 FPS and so on"

Does a "glove mode"sound like a good feature? My idea is a button you can activate and then put your gloves on and then up and down volume scrolls the timeline.

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I just want to send an email

But no, residential/dynamic IPs are where the cybercriminals are and we have to block them
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Fun fact:

English has three sets of words that communicate "this place" : "that place" : "what place". Each meaning can be paired with one of three prepositions ("in", "to", and "from") to form a specialized locative word:

"in" - here : there : where
"to" - hither : thither : whither
"from" - hence : thence : whence

So "here" means "in this place"; "thither" means "to that place"; "whence" means "from what place"; etc.

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The fediverse is kept a largely safe and happy place by a fortress wall of medium articles the bemoan the fact that the fediverse is hopeless and will never succeed. That fortress wall was shoddily built for us by techbros and journalists and we must take responsibility for maintaining it. If we don't start repairing the cracking masonry with new medium articles about how mastodon simply can't grow fast enough for real humans to use it then the walls will crumble. Do your part.

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Today at work we discovered interesting facts about quinces:

- The word marmelade comes from marmelo, quince in Portuguese

- Quince pie is done in the whole Iberian Peninsule but it's called marmelada in Portuguese and dulce de membrillo in Spanish

- The Basque word for quince is irasagarra, being sagarra apple.

Have a nice day fedipeople!

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