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I released new versions of my Playdate games today. Sketch, Share, Solve now lets you change you avatar any time and Down the Oubliette got a tiny fix for an issue that so far nobody noticed so I’ll just act like I got it right first time. 😅

Everyone You Touch might be my favorite Shearwater song.

I’ve been mentioned in Wikipedia. I can die in peace now. 😀

What has 99 puzzles, has been downloaded more than 999 times and is currently one of the top selling games on That’s right, my game!

Whenever I update the font for my game I’m like “OMG, this is so much better” and a day later I barely remember what I did. I swear it looks better!

My employer introduced a new code of conduct and I might be in violation because I’m making games in my own time. Of course it will take a couple of days before I find out if I have to look for a new job. 🙄

Hi everyone!

I think I'm going to spend more time here this year. Some things I released lately:

1. A video on progressive enhancement:
2. A punk/blues/rockabilly/sludge record:

Ryan wrote about me. 😱 I’ve been listening to his podcast for years and now this. I can’t even.
Normally I’m usually ignored by people no matter what I do. This is completely new to me.

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I’m mentioned in a gamespot article. If someone had told me that half a year ago, I would have laughed and walked away.

Yes, you can use the crank and no, the video doesn’t do justice to how fun it is to control the tiny fans.

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When you spend months imagining what it might look on the actual hardware and then you finally get to see it. 😍

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I don’t want to spoil too much but this is shaping up to be the best week in a long time.

I’m currently working on Down the Oubliette, a dungeon crawler for people who like tower defense games. If all goes well it’ll be available for the Playdate shortly after the console’s launch.

To be fair, they probably get a ridiculous amount of funding because everyone’s in on this pyramid scheme. If I was a horrible person, I’d work there for a year or two, talking bullshit and collecting their stupid checks but I like being able to look in the mirror.

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OMG, AI /and/ blockchain? Must be legit.

I’m mostly on LinkedIn for the entertainment these days.

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