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Ryan wrote about me. 😱 I’ve been listening to his podcast for years and now this. I can’t even.
Normally I’m usually ignored by people no matter what I do. This is completely new to me.

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I’m mentioned in a gamespot article. If someone had told me that half a year ago, I would have laughed and walked away.

Yes, you can use the crank and no, the video doesn’t do justice to how fun it is to control the tiny fans.

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When you spend months imagining what it might look on the actual hardware and then you finally get to see it. 😍

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I don’t want to spoil too much but this is shaping up to be the best week in a long time.

I’m currently working on Down the Oubliette, a dungeon crawler for people who like tower defense games. If all goes well it’ll be available for the Playdate shortly after the console’s launch.

To be fair, they probably get a ridiculous amount of funding because everyone’s in on this pyramid scheme. If I was a horrible person, I’d work there for a year or two, talking bullshit and collecting their stupid checks but I like being able to look in the mirror.

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OMG, AI /and/ blockchain? Must be legit.

I’m mostly on LinkedIn for the entertainment these days.

This used to be a Christmas tree. Now it’s the best thing about our backyard – the only place where we can spend time outside without being bothered.

I was asked today what I miss the most. Maybe I could try to find something similar. I didn’t have to answer but we both had a hearty laugh.

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I know I’m complaining from a very privileged position while others are actually struggling or even dying. My job is relatively safe and I won’t be alone even if I’m quarantined. I’m not trying to compare myself to others, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to adjust.

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So yeah, I have no idea how to get through this. Only two days in, I already struggle to find time for myself between work and caring for my kid – all of which now happens in the same place and starts blending into each other.

At the same time almost everything that used to help me deal with stress and distract me is now gone. Even the commute that I loved to complain about is something I already miss.

Everyone’s stressed so here’s a tiny game I made 7 years ago. It features a cute pony and the only thing dying is grass.

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