I have reported this hatemonger on twitter. Requesting others to do so. This venomous snake needs to be taught a lesson.

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@i_theindian you may not believe me but isko report kar kar ke thak gaya.. blatant xenophobic tweets ko bhi... Koi action nahi liya jack ne.. F u c k b i r d s i t e

@i_theindian I have reported her multiple times, her tweets are so hateful and pathetic, she is indeed a snake. Birshite didn't take any action against her, had reported her for a month every day, no results.

@i_theindian She’s 1 of the worst I have come across! Vile and narrow minded! Hateful always!

@i_theindian The BirdSite is a biased place, I doubt if reporting is going to help in anyway.

@i_theindian End of the day hw can u face urself (conscience) spreading so much hatred all around. Madhu Unty is a mentally ill patient .Hope she gets well soon😜

@i_theindian twitter has bended their legs infront of those in power.

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