I am a HINDU! We do NOT demolish Mosques.

I am a HINDU! We do NOT demolish Mosques.

I am a HINDU! We do NOT demolish Mosques.

Hindutva fanatics are trying to drag HINDUS into their hate for Muslims!

HINDUS do NOT hate any faith!

Stop using HINDUS in your filthy politics.

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I love my Air Force and I don't approve the the corrupt Rafale deal in their name.

I love my Army and I want the people responsible for the Pulwama attack to be punished

@i_theindian also request to all tooters to call out anyone using "Hindus" as a generic hate-spewing community. Many of the clearest voices calling out Sanghis hijacking Hinduism for their ends are from majority community.

@i_theindian Exactly. Giving very bad name to Hindus. Hindus were always seekers never aggressors.

@i_theindian We may need a rebranding to Sanatan Dharma rather than Hinduism for our brothers. As I understand Sanatan Dharma encompasses all the basic principles of this religion.

brigade appropriating brand for their narrow political gains.

Politics of hate.

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