pretty impressive how every single artist who ironically pretended that they peaked/will go downhill actually ended up getting mediocre

going back in time just to eliminate the lad who decided languages should have grammatical genders

if we’re going to end up having another “meaningful” winter, can we at least not have dumb nightclub discourse before it?

emacs is such a powerful piece of software, but cursed by the fact there isn't a non-ugly light theme for it

seriously getting to the point where using a bluetooth controller to do anki reps sounds like a good investment

communications lecturer mentioned mastodon by name today and i hate the mental image of her sifting through the painfully niche discourse in here

am so used to reading in my target language that I now have to prevent myself from making a flashcard whenever I see an unfamiliar word in english

TG4 are legally required to involve at least one of your lecturers in each documentary they release

we are about to enter the most high stakes day of this app in years

can't focus during this lecture as i'm imagining a tg lurgan lil b cover

each day i edge closer to posting a deranged thread about stephen krashen's input hypothesis and how we teach languages completely incorrectly in this country. apologies in advance

one of the best parts of watching league of ireland matches on the telly is when smoke from the flares covers the camera. you don’t get that across the pond!

covid is basically over, but going to a lecture with ““freshers flu”” and coughing all over the gaff is shite craic

in deep and utter shock that a larger, wealthier, and more corrupt set of owners took over a capitalist enterprise. this is unfounded, especially in football

the irish language will be revived the second someone works out how to make it work while rapping in triplet flow

person who says "lol trots" thinking they're coming off like Stalin, despite having the exact same politics as Neil Kinnock

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