indians invaded this platform about 270 days ago

Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong would be a bigger tyrant than her brother, American experts say

Statistics of North Korea's genocide and mass murder: 1.663 million people

Statistics of United States' genocide and mass murder: 2.224 million people

But the world still THINKS North Korea and Kim Jong Un are tyrants.

(Data Source: hawaii (dot) edu)

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after three episodes i think i judged crown👑 too soon. olivia coloman plays a good version of queen elizabeth👸

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there are 101 reasons to protest against BJP but these jokers choose SPG. priorities maybe

Doctor shows:

In the order of looking bloody and disgusting, but interesting —

1. The Good Doctor
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. New Amsterdam

Watched only Shashi Tharoor episode on Now are the other episodes worth it?

Waiting for BJP to impose presidents rule and bring bill to make Maharashtra union territory without legislature 🤪

Bollywood explained:

shit song : plugin a challenge

The next netflix show you may want to watch: living with yourself

Mark this -

Baba Ramdev:
Will be paid Rs. 4,000 crore so that he can acquire Ruchi Soya.

Sri Sri Ravishankar:
Cases against his NGO for land grab of 16 acres will slide away.

This for their services today 🌷

Half way through living with yourself. It's an interesting one

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