Look lads, Priti Patel isn't going to give you a knighthood.
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Three positive stop and searches tonight, officers will continue to target individuals involved in drugs, who are causing issues in the local community.

Worth noting: that last hashtag is a Qanon one. The crossover between anti-trans Terfery and Qanon is well worth unpicking.
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Anti-trans activists: “graphic design is my passion” (look at all the transphobic hashtags). For Women Scotland accused an orange cat of sectarianism. Fair Play For Women host the “Pronouns are rohypnol” hate piece

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No matter, we’re so proud of @JamesNewmanUk 👏
What a wonderful ambassador for the UK!

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How did Joan of Arc from Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure end up in ?

Out dear little furry doofus went to the great mouse hunting grounds in the sky earlier. I’ll miss her purring very much.

Of course just a few months ago the people now shrugging their shoulders about the death of British farming were saying we should be self-reliant in food and encouraging people to buy British.
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Is @BorisJohnson set to preside over the slow death of 🇬🇧 agriculture?

How the importation of food it would be illegal to produce here on animal welfare, ethical & environmental grounds represents a win for ‘Global Britain’ i…

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BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion Co-founder Gail Bradbrook arrested at her home this morning

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police at her home in Stroud at around 5:30 am this morning.

National Lottery does a fun little ad featuring a black man in a wheelchair and the first comment is this. But the UK doesn’t have a problem with racism, according to the Tories.

I mean, it’s almost as if they’ve never seen any Hogarth.
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a few centuries too late, this

What a waste of space Jenrick is.
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Communities Secretary @RobertJenrick is to rewrite planning regulations forcing public buildings to have separate male and female toilets instead of gender-neutral facilities, but is this change a step forward or back? @sarahditum and @ccriadoperez join us bbc.in/3hvUtR3

Andrew Marr is, apparently, both a man of the left AND a right wing Brexit loon. Which tells you everything you need to know about the commenters, and nothing about Marr.

From this month’s HBR. These two facts are a recipe for an old boys network that doesn’t find the best talent, but does find white males to be founders.

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Finchley Road. North London. 2021.

Genuinely terrifying.

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