@ramona i live in seattle, we have a store that will sell you used dreamcast games and classic anime VHS

@ramona you know what classic game should get a new entry? Bonk, i want a new platformer installment with all the weirdness intact

@ramona i am playing through phantasy star 2 on the switch via the sega genesis classics collection, is phantasy star3 worth playing or should i skip to 4

@ramona you have helped me a bunch by informing me who to steer clear of, thank you for that

@ramona purchased the sega genesis classics collection on physical media for switch, time to play some games i didn'/t get to growing up because we were a nintendo household

@ramona purchased this today via curbside pickup, also got megaman zero/zx collection, thank you for recommending the first one

@ramona should i buy the black dresses stuff now or wait till may 1st when bandcamp doesn't take a cut?

@ramona reactionaries are not very creative so they tend to try and keep inside jokes alive way past when they should be left alone

i'm sick and fucking tired of mediocre white people taking credit for the work of people of color. 9/11 was done by AL-QAEDA, not george w bush!!

@QuestForTori this is a period of time where nothing makes sense, conventions and conferences are canceled and i have a hard time going on twitter without anxiety flareing up

@ramona in other news crossdressing cloud from ff7 remake has been officially revealed

let's take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic of the resident evil beta menus

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