Going to XOXO but feeling like I need a vacation, not a conference, so I might spend more of my time relaxing than participating. This causes pre-event fomo.

I've had this idea sitting in the back of my brain for several years and I haven't had time to figure it out: a system of building blocks that process OSM data streams. e.g. Listen to changes to find new mappers. Connect new mappers output to emailer to get alerted of new users. Pass it through a geometry builder and location filter to get new user alerts near you.

I just woke up from a dream where a helicopter that was trying to land on the roof of a building crashed and fell down on me while I was watching. I distinctly remember the 'screen going black' and thinking "damnit the simulation ended."

Is there a Mastodon client that doesn't stick to the top of the feed? It's frustrating to have to find the last toot I read.

I have 33 followers and am buying a $5,000 non-cloud server. It feels a little like the 2000's.

I got three pounds of State of the Map US stickers in the mail today.

Supremely proud of my state's turnout. Lots of voters!

Please recommend songs for me to play as backup DJ at my friend's retirement party.

Standing around listening to Kopps custard stand call out HTTP status codes for order numbers. I'm 424 Failed Dependency.

Mastodon is interesting to me because people joined knowing how to toot (similar to how they tweet now) whereas it took a while for people to learn what was interesting on twttr.

I like Mastodon because the world doesn't seem to be falling apart here.

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Hey tech friends, this is a great list idea and I think it'd be cool if we helped build it out - if you can contribute info on "tech conferences that offer childcare", throw a PR or two at it:



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