@zacanger That sounds just like how inhalers work… which, ok, I guess that totally makes sense, basically the same thing.


Hi y'all, I'm a queer techy who'll probably mostly end up talking fanfic and posting pics from fav fandoms here, if I'm gonna be entirely honest.

If I did the same things here as twitter it'd be variously about npm, javascript and other web-techy things. And mabye I'll do some of those too. Possibly.

Anyway, hiii! 👋

Also NieA_7, which was obscure, and of variable quality as a show, but had lovely, lovely artwork. Also bonus for being a slice of life about adults. (Albeit younger adults, but still.) It had a whole Alien Nation thing going on that was used as a way to comment on immigration and integration in Japan. mastodon.social/media/6trDh7Tm

If you couldn't tell, I just ran across my 2001-era scans of an Utena art book. I'm pretty sure I still have it around somewhere, maybe I should scan it again at modern resolutions... step one, get scanner. 😆 mastodon.social/media/oRhVWUkK

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@LottieVixen Hmm, Wikipedia says that "It is meant to be functionally equivalent to the simplified BSD and the MIT licenses, differing in its removal of language deemed unnecessary following the global adoption of the Berne Convention." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISC_lice So the only difference is supposed to be its conciseness.

@LottieVixen Yeah, really, for me, TBH, it's just that it's shorter and thus there's less to internalize. I don't believe there's any meaningful difference between it and MIT?

@LottieVixen Yeah, I like it, it's like MIT but even simpler.

@beadsland Is that actually a thing? I want it to be a thing! =D

(cont'd) You'll note that thoughout this I've been using "agency" and not "liberty" but you could almost swap them out. I like the former better it's focused on what you _can_ do, not what you're _allowed_ to do. You can (and often do) have liberty but no agency.

Consider the classic line about freedom of the press being only for those who own presses. "freedom of the press" is liberty, "owning presses" is agency.

(cont'd) That F/OSS is often collaborative is a bonus for similar reasons. It being collaborative leaves open the opportunity to shape that software. Without that collaboration, I can make changes but I have patch them forward forever. It's vastly more limiting. That collaboration often produces better software is really just a bonus. It doesn't always, but it usually still gives me more agency.

I'm not a GNU purist. I publish all my stuff under ISC. But ultimately Free Software impacts me most because it increases my agency as a person.

By agency I mean my facility to meaningfully make decisions about my life. This is true because of how deeply and intimately software is tied up in my life

Meanwhile, I've been producing summaries of activity in the fandom, because um... it was relaxing?

Anyway, that looks like this:

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