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This is a whisper of appreciation to all the invisible efforting that goes into everything

it's not a shoutout, because lord knows there's already enough noise

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Doing partial prod builds under controlled conditions for comparison purposes. Cold caches, no shrinkwrap, 3 different package.json in a monorepo-type thing, 1797 dependencies installed, only npm install times shown:

- npm4: 406.01 seconds
- npm5: 60.96 seconds

This is a bit less speedup than what I got excited about yesterday, but still (a bit) more than 6 times faster! 🎆 🍻 ✨

cc @zkat,

I recently redid my profile and one of the things I'm keeping is being out as trans. The reason for this is mostly political. I'm in a position where I can afford to be out: emotionally, personally and professionally.

I am not out for cis folks. You all don't need to know.

I'm out for other trans folk. To be visible to those who feel alone. To be visible to those who are questioning.

That magic moment when your antihistamine kicks in.

Today's tea is Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro, which is a lovely decaf black tea with an intense vanilla smell and subdued flavor.

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I've recently taken to adding a bag of ginger tea to my teapots of whatever black tea I'm steeping. It adds little flavor but a lovely aftertaste.

I think I hit some tipping point, beyond which is the abyss: I'm editing calibre's sqlite db directly now.

All aspects of my fic→calibre pipeline that are automatable now are. If you're wondering why I _need_ that, well in the last week: 32 new fics and 109 updates. The metadata git repo shows: 141 files changed, 4917 insertions(+), 241 deletions(-)

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Me: I hope this OSS project helps people!
People: Thanks, it does! But we have questions and issues
Me: No problem
People: Forever
Me: Oh no

No no, I'm fine, thanks, I've only broken rule one. Rule two has to do with never, ever feeding them after midnight. I'm ok there.

Wait, no, rule two is "never ever try to form a relationship platonic or otherwise now that you've broken rule one".

Right now holding strong there. This time. For now.

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The first rule of Internet crushes is they must never know you exist or interact with you. That only leads to heartbreak or ennui.

I apparently leanred out to frame photos better some time in between.

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The thing I like best about the Dragonkin pic is that it has vanilla ret & holy spec Paladins both demonstrating skills that don't exist in the game any more. (Or rather, don't exist in a recognizable way.)

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One thing I do miss about Cambrdge is having flowering trees everywhere. Some streets were amazing in the spring/early summer.

The real problem is the source of reinvention has been "moar companies" (and more exploitation) as we barely have the ability to innovate for the public good.

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