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Matt Hancock claims suppressing the virus until we could vaccinate was the right strategy.
He's not wrong.
It's just a huge shame that that's not actually what we did.
We lost tens of thousands of lives as a result of their failed policies.

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“You must be furious with whoever signed up to a deal this bad?”

Boris Johnson wants to make reforms to the Northern Ireland Protocol, @PGMcNamara asks the prime minister why he signed it in the first place?

Perl isn't a random jumble of punctuation. It's a confusingly thought out jumble of punctuation!
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“Regular expressions aren’t random jumbles of punctuation—they’re carefully thought-out jumbles of punctuation!” -- The Perl Cookbook

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Hey @GoogleOSS can you do something about this please? It looks a lot like GMail wants to kill off open source software access. twitter.com/neil_neilzone/stat

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We’re thrilled to be working with @MarvelUK @NHSEnglandLDN @nationalgriduk and @TheAMRC on our new interactive gallery, Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery.

Opening 3 Nov, the gallery explores the vital but hidden role of technicians: bit.ly/3N5hW8p

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Hey, who is noticing that “post-pandemic normal” is a lot of “I’ve been knocked out by this cold for weeks” and “Sorry, we’ve had to cancel this event!” and “My kids are sick for the second time in two months!” and “Due to staffing shortages…” and “The ER wait was 10 hours!”

BBC News: Warning over shrinking school meals as prices rise

The other option is apparently using cheaper ingredients.

I'm shocked.

I always assumed that school dinners WERE using the cheapest ingredients already!

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"Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power." P. J. O'ROURKE

"Hmm, this email doesn't say anything. Maybe this lone link that they included will explain more…"
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People will click ANY phishing email.

I swear you could just send a link without pretext and still get clicks.

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1/ So you go shopping for a PIV card reader, because the US govt gave you one and you're curious to look at what's on it. You settle for this "DOD military USB common access smart card reader," because it's compatible with Mac OS. Cool! Only $15! What a bargain!

📷 mapsontheweb: Is it a crime to knock on the door and run away? by geo.facts_ Keep reading Well, there you go! tmblr.co/Zai-hob-c0jOmW00

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@qikipedia @BBCTwo @GylesB1 @josierones @MrNishKumar I have fond memories of watching QI & QI XL episodes, in chronological order, during the same week, week after week, until the series finished.

Could it be? Are we finally getting the rest of the series in XL format? 😮

The regular series only started in September last year 🙄
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New QI XL incoming!

Tonight at 9:45pm on @BBCTwo we'll be talking about 'Sideshows, Stunts and Scavenger Hunts' with Sandi, Alan, @GylesB1, @josierones and @MrNishKumar!

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Now ask (non Russian citizens) the same sh!t in the countries that were forcefully occupied by Soviet Union, like The Baltics, for example. You’ll be lucky if we won’t want to punch you for the pseudo nostalgic ignorant nonsense. 😒 twitter.com/catcontentonly/sta

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speaking of tracking, wait til you find out what happens to every single link posted on twitter

Just got this recently and went "WTF? How often are these seen outside Twitter and embedded tweets, both of which can tell what you're doing anyway?"

But yeah, fine.
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ok, i mean, i get it, and you're not wrong, but also

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