The Legend of Korra season 4 finale 

my partner and i have been at a loss since season 2 as to why people don't seem to like this show. now that I've seen the finale, I wonder if that affinity has anything to do with her journey as a queer woman. honestly had no idea the animated show would end on that note.

tech support 

and it did not help that i failed today to troubleshoot the indexing problem I've been having since Day 1 with Windows 10. I cannot figure out how to get the search function to recall any of my pdfs. I've double checked and rebuilt the index registry 3 times. thought I figured it out after repairing some corrupt file associated with the registry too. but after some fancy admin command line magic, still nothing. argh.

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i think i had my first mild panic attack today.

i think it came on after giving myself an unrealistic ultimatum.

15 minutes of deep breathing and stepping away from the machine helped. settling into my old routines and ignoring the threat of another missed deadline helped. going back to an uncompromising attitude of selfcare-first helped.

normally I would be exceedingly happy with 1k+ really good words, but today it needed to be closer to 2k.

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really hoping the new Animal Crossing provides enough texture resolution for players to spray paint SOCIALISM OR BARBARISM on everything

watching the nintendo direct with my loved one, whose hype for SSBU knows no bounds.

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if anyone has any ideas how this could have happened, i'd greatly appreciate the help. i've reported the issue to netflix but obviously a little paranoid

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I checked the view history: apparently my account watched the season 5 finale at some point and then Netflix autoplayed Season 4 for some reason without interruption.

this doesn't make any fucking sense though?

what prompted the episode to play after I went to sleep?

why didn't netflix interrupt itself to ask if someone was watching?

why cant i watch 3 episodes of star trek in a row without netflix checking to see if i have a pulse?

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last night i went to bed with the season finale of british bake off queued but paused in a firefox browser window.

my partner woke me up because my "computer was talking" and he couldnt remember my password in order to investigate what was going on.

my computer had gone to sleep at some point, so the login screen was up but you could distinctly hear an earlier season of british bake off playing over the speakers

log in; Norton Antivirus has ran a scan 2 hrs ago and Netflix is playing S3E1

oh man it's been such a long damn day i just need to relax and get sleepy after getting a late sandwich
i'll just put on the bri-ish baking show semifinal, that should be fun

45 minutes later: oh my god! the cracks! the cracks! *gaspppps* 😭

british bake off 

most recent season is turning out not as bad as i thought it would be (3 more episodes to go though), but seriously "not worth the calories" is literally the fatphobic rhetoric i get in the toxic inner circle of my immediate and extended family and i wish every time someone said it on the show i could scream "fuck off" loud enough to break the time-space continuum.

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I won't believe it until I have contract in hand, but it's looking like I will get to co-teach a course I helped design last Spring (titled INFO400: Computer Ethics in Popular Culture) again this coming Spring. AND the experiment went so well that we've been asked to prep materials to add a course number for the class to permanently add it to the available classes our department offers! Today my co-instructor and I nearly finalized the course schedule (only the dates are messed). Super excited.

british bake off 

the first episode of the new season of british bake off is a real mixed bag for me. a veiled fatphobic comment in the first few minutes. persistent focus on the newfound difficulty of tasks is hella triggering for me as an educator -- some of these folks are literally shaking with anxiety and they are being asked to do incredibly difficult tasks. i dont know how much prep the bakers get for the show, but i have never seen a season where someone didn't struggle to learn the ovens

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unsolicited advice for people with marginalized identities interested in or currently fresh to academic life 

1) introducing yourself to faculty is not about the generalized benefits of social networking; it's about literally finding a lifeline and advocate for yourself for when shit inevitably hits the fan. your first points of contact in the department have a History with other people in the dept that you need to navigate, but those politics do not supersede your need for allies

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this 1999 personalized history of russian computing is really interesting. DM me for a pdf if interested. it is behind a paywall

health, doc appointments 

I have to wait until November 8 to see an OBGYN in Bloomington, Indiana.


I don't know if I can live with pain level 5 everyday for that long. Thinking about trying to book another appointment at a clinic ~45 min drive from me, but haven't checked to see if they have more recent availability yet 😭

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it's actually kind of nice because midwestern nights are LOUD with nightlife. so many crickets and things.

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i got my lavender tea
my heated lavender neck wrap

may the power of lavender give me strength in these dark times

(i mean literally it is dark outside)

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