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I made this skull shawl a few years ago, and if anyone is looking for something to #crochet before Halloween, A+ can recommend this pattern. (It's free and not too difficult if you have experience with lace or granny squares.)

I was looking through my old Blogger account (deleting heaps of random content) when I came across a link to blogs I followed. This post by Carly Findlay (I don't think she's on here, but is on bird site with name as handle) posted this great resource on why it's good to have image descriptions on social media posts.. but yeah.. if you wondered why you should do it, and how it helps, take a read:

I love that people here post their selfies and nudes and everyone's all supportive of positive body image and confidence

Yeah!! Post those selfies. Share those compliments. Spread the love

Everyone is beautiful <3

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the word toot is in word toothbrush and my hygiene regimen is now fucked forever

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@helldude which reminds me, if people aren’t feeling welcome on Mastodon, with my wife’s permission I have built a treehouse in the backyard for everyone to scream rhyming obscenities at each other and draw. There is a limited amount of light beer, and I’m supposed to be back in the house by dinner time on weeknights. Pass it on

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Throwback to that time I went to Miami and was absolutely SHOCKED to discover there was no such place as Shady Pines. I was very upset.

I'm super excited about the upcoming phone announcements... iPhone XS and Pixel 3.. Currently on iPhone X switching from Pixel 2.. not sure which one I want to go next. Reckon it'll depend on which one has the better accessories.. like Apple Watch keeps me on iOS, waiting on a decent Google Watch to switch me over. Ahhh

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hot people? on your TL?? it's more likely than you think.

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Hello everyone,

This account is based around a website at:

The site is aimed at people who are worried about their privacy but aren't tech fans.

If you know a non-technical person who is concerned about their privacy online, please share a link to with them, to let them know there are easy-to-use #alternatives.

p.s. If you *are* a tech fan, you might also want to check out and


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Can we please have the option to upgrade the visibility of our own toots. If I originally make something unlisted or followers only, and then someone asks me to let them boost it... Don't make me recreate the toot for that.

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bit chilly this morning. i wouldn't tweet that, but i'd toot it. we have fun here.

I really should be studying for an exam but y'all are way too interesting.

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i go on youtube and i almost never get recommended far-right stuff, i dont know what the rest of yall are doing wrong

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@icantthinkofanamethatsfree the secret is...the very old do not give a shit what you think. This is the cause of all mischief.

Old people use their age as an excuse to get away with so much mischief. I can't wait to get old so I can start getting away with shit too.

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