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[ to the tune of carol of the bells ]
worm on a string worm on a string worm on a string worm on a string

i got of mastodon for a couple months after my computer broke, is this site still alive bc im back babey

what if you jerked off and the character you kin came out

my hamilton oc is Richard Harding he owns ten slaves and hes a pansexual nonbinary

in this house we stan mars neji even tho he said m*necraft and can't reclaim it πŸ˜”

god didn't give me sharp teeth because he knew i would chew on drywall send toot

:33 < before you toot, paws
P - please
A - always
W - love
S - cats

i just learned about the jerboa and i'm on the verge of tears look at these tiny mouse-bunnies

dnd with my lads!! we are killing some monsters and seducing hot npcs

so uhm i follow 19 mfs but only 18 follow me back.! guess i'll fucking die/? is that what you all fucking want.1?./????


i love my friends and partners!

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