hi mastodon it's me again i'm so fucking mad at everything i want to scream this seems like a good place to do it

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You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married and you ask me to boost your toots?

just wanted to talk some more shit about trudeau. get owned lmao

if there's one thing i enjoy more than tooting, it's boosting a toot

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"boost my toots" i whisper as i fall. but a comrade steps over me and picks up my rifle. "boost my toots" he yells as he charges

if a toot does well on here is it bad form to repost it on twitter and double the validation

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if communism's so good how come 'right' means 'correct' and 'left' is what my wife did

since less people are on here i can tweet this w/out feeling judged: man i'm lonely lmao

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guns dont kill people. i kill guns. i will end the life of every gun that gets in the way of my rage. i will be the name spoken in fearful tones in what few gun households remain after my rampage has ended

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Admittedly, the part of the Mastodon TOS pledging the user to swear eternal loyalty to Hezbollah was a little strange, but I confess I was delighted

hello to all zero of my followers. i hope the brand i build on this website is to your satisfaction


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