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"Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway."

― Eleanor Roosevelt

marshall just got his 13th rat. he would like a medal, please

we're getting the couch reupholstered. marshall is concerned and defending what's left of his couch

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It's frustrating when a 10 year old computer can't get on facebook or watch 480p on youtube anymore, even thought it could five years ago.

The computer hasn't changed.

Facebook and youtube have become more complicated. They didn't need to, but they could get more complicated because the average computer got faster, and the average internet connection got faster over that time span.

So a computer that could do X lost it's ability to do X as a result of a third party.

That's frustrating.

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very nice! can't figure out how you did it. locking strips?

in the Philippines, chess is a sport. the results of chess tournaments are reported in the sports news on tv and the sports section of newspapers, and in stores, chess sets are always found in the sporting goods section

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…everything is what it is by virtue of its relationship with everything else,
each thing has a unique and ultimate place in the ultimate reality…
—Bill Plotkin #quote
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I’ve noticed a resurgence of using “made up” as a synonym for “not real, unimportant” lately. I wonder why?

But regardless, it seems worth pointing out that many of the things that the vast majority of people find essential to their lives are entirely made up. As in, they exist only to the extent that enough people agree they exist. But they're very real and have real effects on one's life

Words are made up. Grammar and punctuation. Laws. Money. Family. Romance. Any expectations you have of friends or partners or neighbors, except those you explicitly negotiate? Made up. Nothing more than a shared fiction around what ought to be important.

And yet all very real, with real consequences based in others' perception of how you navigate them.

@Sigma_Wolf77 I still have a good shortwave, a tecsun s2000, and a wire dipole on the roof, but it's a bad location here with a lot of electrical interference, so these days I mostly listen thru remote SDR's over the internet

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