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"Converging aptamer switch assays and tissue adhesives" by Terry Steele (Nanyang Technological University) (2020-02-11, USB 2.022)

"Deep learning-based automated speech detection as a marker of social functioning in late-life depression" in Psychological Medicine dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0033291719

"Structured stochastic models for biochemical and biological systems" by Carlo Masaia (2020-01-28, USB 2.022)

"Personalising ultraviolet treatment for psoriasis through computational modelling" by Dinika Paramalingam (2020-01-21, USB 3.032)

"Machine learning strategies for characterising the stress landscape of B.Subtilis" by Yiming Huang (2020-01-14, USB 3.032)

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"Event detection and tracking using Stack Overflow Q&A dataset and version release events" by Artur Sokolovsky (2019-11-05, FDC 1.17)

"Micro-scale modelling of microbial communities using Individual-based Models" by Bowen Li (2019-10-29, 4.005)

"Agent-based computational modelling of tissue dynamics" by Roman Bauer (2019-10-22, 2.022)

"Predicting surgical outcomes and seizure mechanisms in epilepsy using machine learning and computational modelling" by Nishant Sinha (2019-10-15, 4.005)

"Wordified ontologies: Evaluating a novel paradigm for ontology editing" by Aisha Blfgeh (2019-10-08, 4.005)

"Transcription factors as a consumable for bacteria: How single usage leads to spatial co-location in natural gene networks" by Ruud Stoof (2019-10-01, 3.032)

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