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"Design of experiments and the virtual PCR simulator: An online game for pharmaceutical scientists and biotechnologists" in Pharmaceutical Statistics

"Towards modeling the influence of transcranial direct current stimulation on neuronal response" in Brain Stimulation

"Structural connectivity centrality changes mark the path toward Alzheimer's disease" in Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring

"The Virtual Electrode Recording Tool for EXtracellular Potentials (VERTEX) Version 2.0: Modelling in vitro electrical stimulation of brain tissue" in Wellcome Open Research

"Machine learning models for inclusion of progressors in OA clinical studies" by Paweł Widera (2019-02-12, USB 2.022)

"CellRepo: a version control system for microbial strains" by Jonathan Tellechea Luzardo (2019-02-05, USB 5.008)

"Engineering ontologies for big data" by Phil Lord (2019-01-29, USB 5.008)

"The synthesis and simulation of artificial living systems" by Harold Fellermann (2019-01-15, USB 5.008)

"Regaining or maintaining brain health: current and future roles for computational models" by Marcus Kaiser (2018-12-04, USB 5.008)

"Longitudinal connectivity predicts changes in cognitive function after mild traumatic brain injury" by Nádia da Silva (2018-11-06, USB 5.008)

"ReopTrial: in-silico drug re-purposing" by Keith Flanagan (2018-10-30, USB 5.008)

"Walk on the origami side: isothermal folding of a light-up bio-orthogonal RNA origami nanoribbon" by Emanuela Torelli (2018-10-23, USB 5.008)

"Synthetic DNA and RNA origami scaffolds towards in vitro and in vivo applications" by Alessandro Ceccarelli (2018-10-16, USB 5.008)

"Systematic identification of biocatalysts through a combined informatics approach" by James Skelton (2018-10-09, USB 5.008)

"Sensynova: a standardised modular and multicellular biosensor development platform" by Bradley Brown (2018-10-02, USB ICOS office)

"Multimodal big-data analysis for leveraging security of FLOSS" by Artur Sokolovsky (2018-09-11, USB 4.005)

"Population Dynamics of Autocatalytic Sets in a Compartmentalized Spatial World" in Life

"A Combined Deep Learning GRU-Autoencoder for the Early Detection of Respiratory Disease in Pigs Using Multiple Environmental Sensors" in Sensors

"Upgrading estrogen degradation in wastewater" by Michael White (2018-07-31, USB 4.005)

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