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"A Model for the Spatiotemporal Design of Gene Regulatory Circuits" in ACS Synthetic Biology

"Functional analysis of enzyme families using residue-residue coevolution similarity networks" by Christian Atallah (2019-09-24, USB 2.022)

"The physical origins of cortical morphology: a multi-scale surface-preserving analysis of cerebral cortices" by Bruno Mota (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) (2019-07-23, USB 2.022)

"Insight from data analytics with an automotive aftermarket SME" in Quality and Reliability Engineering International

"Computational approaches for mining metagenomes for genes encoding biocatalysts" by Anil Wipat (2019-07-02, USB 1.042)

"Knowledge representation in synthetic biology" by James McLaughlin (2019-06-25, USB 4.005)

"Machine learning for a dementia diagnosis utilising eyes open and eyes closed resting state EEG" by Jack Jennings (2019-06-18, USB 3.032)

"Automatic social interaction analysis based on wearable devices for people with depression" by Ossama Alshabrawy (2019-06-11, USB 2.022)

"Computational modelling of retinal ganglion cell development" by Jean de Montigny (Institute of Neuroscience) (2019-06-04, USB 3.032)

"Universality of cortical morphology across individuals, regions, and scales" by Yujiang Wang (2019-05-28, USB 3.032)

"Bacterial stress-identification and reporting" by Wendy Smith (2019-05-21, USB 3.032)

"The computational challenges of reconstructing the human immune system using single cell transcriptomics" by Muzlifah Haniffa (Medical School) (2019-05-14, USB 2.022)

"The cartography of computational search spaces" by Gabriela Ochoa (University of Stirling) (2019-05-07, USB 2.022)

"The arrow of time on quantum computers" by Paolo Zuliani (2019-04-23, USB 2.022)

"Engineering the plant microbiome to improve crop quality and yield" by Valeria Verrone (2019-04-09, USB 5.008)

"Deploying HPC to biofilm simulations" by Denis Taniguchi (2019-04-02, USB 2.022)

"Scientific computing challenges in Argentina" by María Graciela Molina (National University of Tucumán) (2019-03-19, USB 2.022)

"Understanding the dynamics of tumours: How systems science can improve anti-cancer" by Stephan Scheidegger (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) (2019-03-12, USB 2.022)

"From the artificial genome of the baker's yeast to synthetic systems design" by Bill Yang (2019-03-05, USB 5.008)

"A combined deep learning GRU-autoencoder for the early detection of respiratory disease in pigs using multiple environmental sensors" by Jake Cowton (2019-02-26, USB 5.008)

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