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"Multi-classifier prediction of knee osteoarthritis progression from incomplete imbalanced longitudinal data" in Scientific Reports

"High intrinsic hydrolytic activity of cyanobacterial RNA polymerase compensates for the absence of transcription proofreading factors" in Nucleic Acids Research

"Big data makes coding on a super computer like developing embedded code" by Matthew Pocock (2020-02-25, USB 2.022)

"Applied quantum computing: past, present, and future" by Nicholas Chancellor (Durham University) (2020-02-18, USB 2.022)

"Converging aptamer switch assays and tissue adhesives" by Terry Steele (Nanyang Technological University) (2020-02-11, USB 2.022)

"Deep learning-based automated speech detection as a marker of social functioning in late-life depression" in Psychological Medicine

"Structured stochastic models for biochemical and biological systems" by Carlo Masaia (2020-01-28, USB 2.022)

"Personalising ultraviolet treatment for psoriasis through computational modelling" by Dinika Paramalingam (2020-01-21, USB 3.032)

"Machine learning strategies for characterising the stress landscape of B.Subtilis" by Yiming Huang (2020-01-14, USB 3.032)

"Data integration for drug repurposing" by James Skelton (2019-12-10, USB 2.022)

"Pathways to cellular supremacy in biocomputing" in Nature Communications

"Modelling bacterial twitching in fluid flows: a CFD-DEM approach" in Scientific Reports

"Introducing high-level modular design to synthetic bio-systems development" by Bradley Brown (2019-11-19, USB 2.022)

"Event detection and tracking using Stack Overflow Q&A dataset and version release events" by Artur Sokolovsky (2019-11-05, FDC 1.17)

"Micro-scale modelling of microbial communities using Individual-based Models" by Bowen Li (2019-10-29, 4.005)

"Agent-based computational modelling of tissue dynamics" by Roman Bauer (2019-10-22, 2.022)

"Predicting surgical outcomes and seizure mechanisms in epilepsy using machine learning and computational modelling" by Nishant Sinha (2019-10-15, 4.005)

"Wordified ontologies: Evaluating a novel paradigm for ontology editing" by Aisha Blfgeh (2019-10-08, 4.005)

"Transcription factors as a consumable for bacteria: How single usage leads to spatial co-location in natural gene networks" by Ruud Stoof (2019-10-01, 3.032)

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