Get yourselves updated on C# 7.1 and beyond! God I love this language :3

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@icytotem I didn't like the new changes regarding the fact they are re-introducing C++ Syndrome into C# by throwing in syntactic sugars kludges into language design without making further consideration of the consequences and making several .Net Framework API obsolete which prompt them to re-invent everything again and again. C++ suffered this, because back then they thought features were good, but now, they have to support backward compatibility.

@icytotem Not to mention, P/Invoke and AppDomain are still in such a sorry state in CoreCLR. So I'm not a happy camper with the way they're heading.

@BlackCentipede P/Invoke and AppDomain are concerns of the CLR. Unfortunately I am not using C# anymore due to my job but I think it's one of the best languages out there. Surely my favourite. My appreciation is towards the language per se :p And yes, I agree that some syntactic sugars are a bit extreme but still!

@icytotem I agree! I use C# a lot and wrote a lot of IL emitting code lately (it's pretty fun).

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