There is plenty of amazing people in the world. I watch tech talks in youtube and wonder about them, being awesome. And I'm just here... being a lazy developer u.u I just got a new job, but is that enough? I want to do more, be more! I want to inspire people, am I crazy? Or just a restless racoon 🐼

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@icytotem Personally I think earning the respect of others to be the wrong kind of motivation. It may be a nice side-kick to finish and polish a project that turned out better than expected. But I'm making damn sure these days that whatever I'm working on for free I do at least partially for myself, out of my own curiosity. This prevents burn-out and allows for naive experiments that lead nowhere. One out of ten may get lucky. Those speakers on youtube usually only talk about the lucky one.

@maxy I want to get better for my sake. I feel I am too ignorant sometimes... there are TONS of things to learn. So many! I hope to motivate others one day, I won't do it just for the sake of having someone's approval :3

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