@tora Don't fall for the linkedin spam. Collect some info on the company before diving into it

@hellojed It usually takes another 30 or so days for the domain to be gone forever. I think you may still be in time

@knippy I lived there for half a year as a student in 2013, but I am based in Europe :3

@maz@niu.moe Well, not where I am staying and not in winter or early spring, but anyway xD I enjoy rain... when I'm cosy inside 🐼

@sonya You may easily die of starvation if you are not careful. Even drinking too much or too little may push you into cardiac arrest.

@tora You should reconsider VSCode over Atom. It has tons of integrations, plus nice embedded debuggers and amazing support for most languages out of the box. Not only syntax-wise.

@maxy I want to get better for my sake. I feel I am too ignorant sometimes... there are TONS of things to learn. So many! I hope to motivate others one day, I won't do it just for the sake of having someone's approval :3

There is plenty of amazing people in the world. I watch tech talks in youtube and wonder about them, being awesome. And I'm just here... being a lazy developer u.u I just got a new job, but is that enough? I want to do more, be more! I want to inspire people, am I crazy? Or just a restless racoon 🐼

@maz@niu.moe Moving between Italy and England

@maz@niu.moe That's so nice, it's mostly cloudy here. Cloudy and grey xD

@maz@niu.moe That looks amazing! Where is it?

How to cope with big tasks, interruptions and rabbit-holes as a - Great talk!

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