I’m used to dealing with scraped knees on the kids but now the cat has cut her lip out in the garden. Hopefully it won’t scar!

I discovered the Insights tab on the Garmin Connect app and now I’m feeling much better about my !

I’m not even on the distance chart, and I’m on the right side of the pace chart

How’s your morning? An old client misfiled their accounts so now Revenue are looking for €1.2m in undeclared income in my accounts 🀣

Decided I’m going to paint the back of the small aquarium black (mocked up here using a bin bag). It’ll show off the fish and plants better

We experimented with letting the kitten have free reign of the house at night.

6AM status: woke to find the kitten climbing the curtains and diving onto the bed.
Experiment terminated.
Kitten has been confined to the utility room again

Either hand-pick a GIF or don't bother at all. /giphy's russian roulette is possibly the worst idea in the history of software

I’m not sure when I’ll dial it back to 3 swims/week. A swim every day is great for forming a habit but it’s not necessarily very sustainable in the long-term

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I’m also feeling much better from swimming every day. Better form, better fitness, and better mindset to cope with the longer sets

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Solid 3k swim after yesterday’s disappointment:
and I was really shifting that last 400m β€” 6m26s is pretty close to my best time πŸ’ͺ

yeah, I'm revamping our Paypal integration with some new marketplace APIs.

It started well but now I'm remembering why each API call should come with a free bottle of rum πŸ₯ƒ

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