Solid 3k swim after yesterday’s disappointment:
and I was really shifting that last 400m — 6m26s is pretty close to my best time 💪

I’m also feeling much better from swimming every day. Better form, better fitness, and better mindset to cope with the longer sets

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I’m not sure when I’ll dial it back to 3 swims/week. A swim every day is great for forming a habit but it’s not necessarily very sustainable in the long-term

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@ideasasylum congrats on the good swim! You'll hit a new best soon I bet

@ideasasylum what are the negatives? Do you risk repetitive stress injuries, or just boring/hard to keep up that pace?

@tnorthcutt it takes 2 hours out of the day by the time I've got to the pool, swum, showered and got back, + another hour or so of "zombie mode"

It's fine but doing that 5 days a week doesn't really any flexibility for anything else

@ideasasylum Yep, I hear that. I'm like that with biking; I'd love to ride 30-50 miles/day but adulting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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