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Hello Mastodonians (which I hope is a word you like), my name is Ramya Pandyan. I'm a writer, occasional stage performer, purveyor of all things colourful. I live in Mumbai which is also my identity, my cross to bear and my family. I've been blogging since 2004, a journey that led me into other social platforms, a career in digital and a new identity.

I'm going to toot about (for the benefit of my birdsite community), some poetry, plenty of saree and lipstick pics.

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Literally one minute later some stranger is bombarding my DMs and like-bombing my Instagram. Why is the universe being such an asshole?

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Important announcement: The crush is dead. Long live my heart.

Oh god a crush looks so good. A former one, not the one I was mooning over last month. Sigh, I thought Scorpio season was over.

: Times of fortune, health, productivity, pleasure, fun, companionship etc. are gifts. It poisons them to act like you don't deserve them or to mistrust them or to cling to them. The only way to honour a good moment is to live it fully. Embrace it, enjoy it, let it go.

MISMATCHED on Netflix is not half bad even if the Rannvijay guy gives me Roadies flashbacks.

'Bluetooth not detected' wins 2020's award for most annoying digital message, surpassing Maps lady's pronunciation and Todaphone aunty's autotune rejection of your call.

Had an oil bath today so hair is slightly weighed down but I think it looks good.

Fuccboi who turned out to be married is stalking me from a new handle. What pray, is the life lesson is garbage coming back?

Today is a paaku colour South cotton saree with a self-designed blouse with jhumka prints and ikat sleeves.

: You already know what to do but not how & when. Learning is accepting that you don't know all. This is part of your journey as are lessons of patience. Patience isn't just waiting. Recognise the value of limbo & the growth you experience in it. Trust you're learning.

PDA has started to look sleazy to me in this context. So much of it is men asserting their territory. Yes, sometimes women also and it's always for other people's benefit in a petty 'look what I have that you don't' way. It's classic objectification.

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Men who brag about your affections for them when they don't (or don't know if they) reciprocate are right up there in douche territory. Trophies are objects.

One man has been comment-bombing my Instagram with comments on my clothes. I only use pics of myself to avoid copyright issues & they're all illustration for full length posts. I suppose he thinks these are compliments. Where does one even start to explain?

I didn't expect The Crown on Netflix to give me the feels but Season 4 does cover Diana. Then the episode on mental illness. I'm gutted. Absolutely gutted.

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