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Hello Mastodonians (which I hope is a word you like), my name is Ramya Pandyan. I'm a writer, occasional stage performer, purveyor of all things colourful. I live in Mumbai which is also my identity, my cross to bear and my family. I've been blogging since 2004, a journey that led me into other social platforms, a career in digital and a new identity.

I'm going to toot about (for the benefit of my birdsite community), some poetry, plenty of saree and lipstick pics.

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Tamil ponnu coming to white house so now can y'all start spelling and pronouncing 'sambar' right? No H, both A's pronounced the same way.

Getting hi-zoned like yennything. Poda, rascolls.

JK Rowling is everyone favourite whipping girl right now. Just remember that she's spoken about experiencing depression before. That does not excuse any problematic views or actions. And I hope you'll remember that in your mental illness activism too.

Loud religion-themed noises sounding out right now. I shudder to think of what Diwali is going to be like.

Bestu. If you say best-u, you're a Northie appropriating South Indian culture so please stop and go back to yelling about cows, paneer and rajma.

You know, I don't like you at all. And to prove it, I'm gonna unmute you because that's how little I like you. Also because I like drama a little more than I like you.

It's terrifying to be needed. I don't know what men like so much about it. All of humanity is one hungry mouth with a bottomless stomach, clawing at you for validation, security, hope, sex, support and whatnot.

Is "I dreamt about you last night" the latest in the creep playbook? Received a worried call from an acquaintance who got this from a common contact. Seriously men, stop using your feelings as excuses to violate boundaries. In short, stop creeping.

Okay who did he kill now, that he's trending? A girlfriend? The press? An endangered species? A pavement dweller?

I'm going LIVE on Instagram with my friend Lakshmi. We first met when we were both 20. Our lives diverged & went to different continents but we found ourselves overlapping years later on things we'd never considered. Drop in on our tomorrow!

Protect yourself from the poison and also from the poisonous.

Some things should be stigmatised and easy violence is one of those things. Any justification of violence is just that - a justification.

I looked at old pics today. I've lost a summer of outings, gigs, meetings, dates, conversations, swims, walks, visits. I realised life looks like this for hundreds of women all over the world, imprisoned indoors because of a virus called patriarchy.

Today was an okay day. No flare-ups, no delays. Everything was an effort but that's starting to feel like life, you know? So I'm just grateful to have pulled through it. What a teacher 2020 is turning out to be.

What a good thing I didn't hang the clothes out to dry. It's raining again. Monsoon madness hitting hard.

: What makes you feel most alive? What activity, what place, what objects, what practices? Regardless of your situation, external events & other people, what makes you feel most okay? Start there.

Risking forfeiting my woke card but what is that red circle about that some of you are using in your display pictures?

Never mind period leave, can we talk about patriarchy leave?

Just one damn day no cisman can mansplain, harass, replyguy, troll, catfish, gaslight, flame women. ONE DAY. And it better not be effin' March 8 because all that shit happens anyway, just in pink.

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