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I am exactly one month away from the completion of my fortieth year. Please mark it on your calendars and send me lots of love then. I don't usually like the season my birthday falls in. Now I'm just grateful to be safe and I hope I'll remember that in July.

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Hello Mastodonians (which I hope is a word you like), my name is Ramya Pandyan. I'm a writer, occasional stage performer, purveyor of all things colourful. I live in Mumbai which is also my identity, my cross to bear and my family. I've been blogging since 2004, a journey that led me into other social platforms, a career in digital and a new identity.

I'm going to toot about (for the benefit of my birdsite community), some poetry, plenty of saree and lipstick pics.

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Will someone turn the sky off? No one's watching.

GLEE's cast seems cursed with one unnatural death after another. Drug overdose, suicide after child p0rn allegations and now drowning.

Remembering the time my mum came to one of my performances that also had a dude who'd tried to sabotage me and she said she didn't clap for 'andha moodevi'. Happened years ago but Bombay poetry doesn't get Tamil so I'm still laughing 😂.

I feel seen and heard. So much heard for the things I've barely been able to say to myself. Anyone who doesn't desire you, doesn't deserve you. Someone who makes you think it's your fault is a monster.

There may be no stupid questions. But there are some that aren't useful. One of them is, "What made someone want to do what they did to me?"

Today. Gratitude. Love. Friendship. Empathy. Respect. Community.

I wasn't expecting anything in these coronatimes. Been getting calls & msgs since morning. So many people who've recently lost someone or something big still managing to call just to wish me. Very grateful. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday. 🥰

: Think of what happens, as words on a page. Whether they make sense or not and what they mean is up to you. Inspiration isn't restless. Love isn't fearful. Strength isn't worried. Choose what you see. ..

Omg forty-one anyone know how to do this right and make it look cool? I suppose I'll have to use my success formula for 25, 30 and 35 - fake it till I make it.

Also though, such a reminder of how many others actually show up with love & affection and only gratitude for your existence. It's been a good day so far.

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There's always some jerk punishing you because they didn't like being born. A birthday is a good time to note who that is and weed them out of your life.

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Every birthday brings up a callous friend. Last year was one attacking me for not throwing a party (mum had surgery 2 days before, I wasn't in mood) saying I moaned all the time so no one else got to be sad.

Okay okay running away from Twitter because it's getting depressing and the reality of living to 41 is pleasanter.

Flogging a baked joke brand of birthday obnoxiousness

I'm all sweaty and sending 🤗 to everyone wishing me and this is my bratty birthday behaviour.

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