Hello Mastodonians (which I hope is a word you like), my name is Ramya Pandyan. I'm a writer, occasional stage performer, purveyor of all things colourful. I live in Mumbai which is also my identity, my cross to bear and my family. I've been blogging since 2004, a journey that led me into other social platforms, a career in digital and a new identity.

I'm going to toot about (for the benefit of my birdsite community), some poetry, plenty of saree and lipstick pics.

Mastodon website says that inhabitants are to be called 😍

@ideasmithy I am good. Your toots are going to be my escape from politics now!!!!! How are you doing?

@musafir Returned to swimming today so that's good. What's cheering you up today?

@ideasmithy I just got back to my lost love 😅

I picked up a book to read after a year almost.

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