I just came across the first creep on Mastadon. Hoping I don't need to explain this but why take a chance? My pictures and my body do not exist for men's entertainment. Why do I put them up? Because. I. WANT. TO.

Women are not objects. I am not anybody's 'cutie'. And harassing strange (or familiar) women is not acceptable. Don't even get me started on the mansplaining about my eating.

Hey @citrustwee @Ca_Gi @Gargron Could you please help? I reported this account for an offensive comment on my pic. He's calling me a right extremist and asking people to report me. This is exactly the kind of misogynist bullying that some of us are trying to escape from, on other social sites.

Thank you @citrustwee @Ca_Gi @Gargron for quick action suspending this account. This is key because:
- The level of harassment escalates very quickly (like this guy calling me a right extremist because I said I'd report his misogyny)
- More harassers jump in to support each other and make this bullying (we see misogyny & political trolling go this way)
- Other users are too scared it'll happen to them, to speak up.

Thank you for stemming this right away. It's mighty reassuring.

@ideasmithy he's gone ahead and further called you a rightist extremist. I blocked the person. We don't need this here. All forms of harassment have to be countered. These are all forms of micro-harrasment and people need to understand that, men need to understand that.

@Paridhigupta Yes, and thank you. My TL isn't refreshing though. I don't know if his hate calls have caused some people to report me.

@ideasmithy it might have. He did appeal for people to report you by saying he called you 'sister' and you called him creep and that you're a right-wing extremist. You should maybe write a thread explaining it.

@Vishsai @ideasmithy I have reported the person as well. He was active on my TL as well, I was a bit uncomfortable when he called my writing 'hot'. But I let it go, thinking it was a one off thing, but apparently not.

@Paridhigupta @Vishsai Yes, I noticed he's made similarly inappropriate comments to other women's profiles too. We are not required to tolerate even the slightest discomfort. This platform is a new beginning and (one hopes) will be more cognisant of women's safety than the birdsite was.

@ideasmithy @Vishsai Exactly my point. If we are to create a new virtual space, we have to take a no tolerance policy. I'm just sorry that I delayed it and ignored my discomfort.

@Paridhigupta @ideasmithy @Vishsai
We can make a list of such creepy guys. List feature is really good. Also the moderators here won't be like BirdSite. They will act swiftly.

@ninad @Paridhigupta @Vishsai Yes, I've just heard from one of them and they're looking into it. That's faster turnaround than the birdsite.

@ninad @ideasmithy @Vishsai I haven't tried the list feature as of yet, but we can give it a shot. And yes I'm definitely hoping the moderators act swiftly.

@Paridhigupta @ideasmithy The word here is "concern trolling", I am very surprised to see it creeping so soon. Everyone please report such people.

@pavi @Paridhigupta I didn't know that was a term but it makes sense. He's escalated it by calling me a right extremist (I've never tooted anything political) and is asking people to Report me. That's not concern that's active, violent misogyny.

@ideasmithy @pavi because he knows that at the moment people are wary here of anyone right-wing. So he's trying to harass you by falsely accusing you of that.

@Paridhigupta @ideasmithy So there are multiple things here, he started as a concern troll ( showing fake concern ) then graduated to abuser and even harasser. Lot of vitriol is pilling there. 👎

@pavi @ideasmithy it's not just that, he has been making uncomfortable remarks. He's made them on other women, I don't know if they were weirded out by it. I was, but I only ignored it.

@Paridhigupta @pavi I reported those as well. The Report feature shows recent toots and lets you select multiple. This man has a pattern of harassing women.

@ideasmithy @pavi exactly! That's what I noticed. I hope more people report him.

@Paridhigupta @ideasmithy @pavi That's the good part here. One fair report is enough. No need of mass reporting.

@hg6 @ideasmithy @pavi that's the good thing here. That's what made most of the people move here from other sites.

@ideasmithy Depending on your client (browser or smartphone App), somewhere near that post you will find 3 dots. It's a menu that contains the 'Report' button that communicates the abuse to the admind of your Instance and eventually to the admins of the Instance of the abuser.
After reporting the post you can block the user.
Take a look of the name of the Instance of the abuser. If you will notice in the future that more that one abuser comes from the same Instance, you could decide to block for yourself the entire Instance and also propose to your Instance admins to block it for everyone. @citrustwee @Gargron

@ideasmithy Mastodon gives lot of tools to block abusers but remember that it's impossible to block every single abuse. On Mastodon, simply, abusers dont last long 😎 @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi @citrustwee @Gargron :-) Heard and understood. Thank you for doing a lot to make this a safer space than most of social media.

@Ca_Gi @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron I understand mastodon gives lots of tools to block abusers, but they would fall short in front of the paid army of abusers and trolls from India. They are often being paid to abuse and they would go to any length carry out their abuse. Mastodon would have to provide more tools to counter that.

@bisaat The real solution is to avoid gigantic Instances like (sorry Eugen 😅) in favour of small and medium Istances that are more specific about a community.

To make an example, my Instance is community driven (there are also meetings by person) and the active users decides the policies together with the admins. It's not rare that some users explains to the admins which Instance must be blocked 😄

Usually an abuser lasts 10 minutes by us because ALL the users collaborate to moderation with commonly discussed policies.

If there are strange massive registrations oyr admins interruots them.

It's also possible to make the registrations only by invitation.

@ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron I agree instances have to be community driven and they are as good as people moderating them and the active users helping the moderation.

The problem arises with India's large population, even a niche community would have HUGE followers. The community drive instances would initially start small, but with increasing users, they too would become gigantic, and then the tools provided by Mastodon would be insufficient.

@bisaat You can set a limit of users to ab Instance and decide, by example, to block any contact with Instances bigger than (for example) 10.000 users or silence Instances with open registration.

The point is to fragment the power and risks connected with huge and centralized platforms to better manage the way you connect to other groups.

@ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

I must also tell you about Gab! It's a social network for right-wing extremists based in USA. When Gab was banned by the App Store and Play Store, they rapidly converted in a Mastodon Instance! A 1 million fascist-users Instance means 1/4 of all the entire Mastodon userbase. When that happened many madia declared that 'now Mastodon is a fascist network'.
The truth is that in less than a week 98% of the Mastodon Instances blocked Gab. In fact I have personally seen only 2 or 3 posts of that people before the block and by my experience I 'live' on a fascist-free Instance 😎 @bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi @bisaat @citrustwee @Gargron That sounds terrifying. But also, such good work in stemming a toxic set of behaviours.

@ideasmithy Terrifying? I found amazing the fact that this platform permits to isolate abusers the way that, in fact, I have quite never seen them 😄!
Instead of blocking the abusers 1 at the time, the entire abusers central is now a closed and isolated echo chamber. That's great 😄
@bisaat @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi @bisaat @citrustwee @Gargron No, I meant it's terrifying to remember that the power of a tool allows malicious intentions to flourish just as much as others. It's true, of course. Takes all kinds etc. It just always shakes me to discover someone using a tool that fascinates me, as a weapon. I'm glad you're finding ways to deal with that without limiting other users.

There is a very interesting author, Furio Jesi, that unfortunately is not very know outsude Italy. Just before dying he wrote 'Cultura di destra' (The right wing culture) that explains perfectly the fact that people with a certain mindset can and will use and bend EVERYTHING in their favour. @ideasmithy @bisaat @citrustwee @Gargron

It's not as terrifying when you realize most gab accounts are spambots.

They inflated their numbers because in reality they're just a vocal minority; by blocking their instances, the fediverse is safe once again.

Also, the latest version of Mastodon now implements much more effective anti abuse tools, the most radical being whitelisting!

Mastodon has matured a lot in only one year.

@Ca_Gi @bisaat @citrustwee @gargron

@wabbster Well, it was quute predictable, knowing the people that run the project, theur friends and also some other signals like the frog as their logo 🙄 @bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi Thanks for the replies.

That's great, and I hope our instances can stay fascist free.

There are also some useful acciunts like @isolategab that monitors and reports the acrivity of Gab users outside Gab or the few remaining Instances that didn't block it.
This isn't something that can be don automaticly by software, but is the activity of people that share some values and actively works to mantain this platform what it is. Don't rely on admins and don't expect to be served by others but work on it with the people that are here with you.
@bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi @bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron quite a few Indian Right wing extremists on Gab too. They promote their handles on Twitter.

@ullulullu They can stay on their isolated Instance as long as they want 😎 Follow @isolategab to be updated about their activity outside their Instance @bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

Thank you for that mention!

Yes we will remain watchful and Gab is a home to far-right extremists from many countries including India. #IsolateGab

@Ca_Gi @ullulullu @bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

@null0x0 Terrible? No: the opposite! Every platform with 1/4 of his users being fascists will be condamned to become a nazi-site but the structure of Mastodon based on independent Instances + the teamwork of the communities, isolated Gab in a matter of days 😃 @bisaat @ideasmithy @citrustwee @Gargron

@Ca_Gi @citrustwee @Gargron I did do that, actually. But this account started calling me a right extremist and asking other, new users to report me. A lot of new members have only heard that Mastodon is about avoiding this kind of trolling so might Report me without due diligence. Misogynist trolls have used this tactic on the other platform so I was concerned. Thank you for your support and prompt action suspending that account.

@ideasmithy so the birdite stuff happens here as well, huh. Sobering@citrustwee @Ca_Gi @Gargron

@vernal_equinox @Ca_Gi @Gargron Except the moderators here took cognisance and immediate action. The account has been suspended.

@ideasmithy step 1 in my inbuilt long ingrained cynicism about the human race getting reinforced."see ,bugger, it may feel like a hippie concert from 1969 but the great rule applies.human beings will fail you"

@vernal_equinox @ideasmithy @Ca_Gi @Gargron of course it does! However, how the birdbrains get reported and kicked out is different I think.

@vernal_equinox People is people everywhere (there is no country without criminals, right?). The difference isvthe way the platforms can manage that (there are countries which practices reduces criminality and countries where the crime rate grows) @ideasmithy @Gargron

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