My experience of getting harassed and how Mastadon dealt with it brought up some insights.

1. I joined Mastadon yesterday, a network that presents an alternative to toxic social platforms.

Rest in the pictures below 2-5.

@ideasmithy Another thing we can do with the tools available to us is that we can actively block people and merge our block lists. It is quite easy to do this on here.

@Midhatkhan Get a block list in csv format from someone and import it on your account and then merge.

To build a safe environment for everyone, is very important that all the users help in reporting issues.
To everyone: if you see someone else get harassed don't wait for the admins to notice on their own, just report the trolls!

Remember: The report button is there for a reason.

Reporting 👏 trolls 👏 is 👏 praxis


@NicholasLaney @ideasmithy
I should add that because Mastodon instances are not ruled by any corporate overlords, admins here DO listen to complaints. Here the user IS the client. Mastodon instances (at least most of 'em) were created by real people for real people. This alone makes the difference.

@rick_777 @NicholasLaney @ideasmithy Unless the admin is working with the abusers, but that's where you get YOUR admin to defederate from THEIR entire instance.

@NicholasLaney @ideasmithy yes!! Everyone else must report whenever they see. It shouldn't be just up to the victims.

@ideasmithy the fragility that comes with their masculinity never ceases to amaze me

Good going
And great job @ mods

@ideasmithy he's already made another account Ramya and started following me. I just blocked him again. This is already getting tiring.

@a_crmdgn @Paridhigupta Ah, forewarned is forearmed. If you see any problematic actions by this (or any other accounts), please Report immediately. The moderators are working hard to keep out toxicity. And that includes users not having to hide from trolls but bringing them to the platform's notice.

@ideasmithy @Paridhigupta I've actually muted and blocked him already. His comments on other accounts are already creeping me out.

@a_crmdgn @Paridhigupta Please Report him. Muting and Blocking only let him stay on the site spewing poison at others. He appears to have blocked me so I can't see any problematic toots to Report. My experience says the moderators take Reports very seriously

@ideasmithy @a_crmdgn @Paridhigupta

If you are uncomfortable with this guy, even if he has not specifically been creepy with the new account, you could just ask him not to engage with you. If he does that despite your request, it becomes harassment, according to the T&C, and can be reported for a ban again.

So, do what's comfortable for you. But don't just block/mute.

@a_crmdgn please report him. I had blocked him again so can't see his stuff. But it's better to report him, the moderators are swift.

@ideasmithy You are so right. @Mastodon os certainly taking strong stand against any bullies and harassers.
See this to believe how a strong stand was taken by them before the judgement. This is called having a spine.

@ideasmithy hi,
Please post the same in Twitter so that women who are trolled find the difference between Twitter and Mastodon

@ideasmithy More power to you Ramya. And a big up for mastodon. Am not active on Twitter, but loving this sanitised space.

@Mimi1234 Likewise. What a refreshing change to be taken seriously and not have to prove that one deserves to be protected from such scum.

@ideasmithy Hope this stays like this as it achieves scale.

@Mimi1234 @ideasmithy why do you think it will not. If we do get RW, we will get more mods. If need be, I will put my hat in the ring, although I detest being the mod. It's no fun :(

@ideasmithy This guy also kept calling me "dear" and said "why are you so worried?" Took some 4 messages to shut him up.

@ideasmithy So was your experience on Mastodon more positive than on Big Social Media sites?

By the way, you should always add "alt text" to images you post for the benefit of our users unable to view images for whatever reason.

@ideasmithy @OCRbot (I have no idea how well OCRbot will handle the first image)

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@ideasmithy Are you expressing that many of the same problems can arise on this platform?

@qcat Just laying out something that happened here that happened before, and how the platform dealt with it.

@ideasmithy Good points and a happy ending.

I'll note: when I see abuse and harassment directed *at other users*, I'll check to verify that it is what it seems to be, and report it.

Mastodon's "report" feature also allows calling up other toots by the reported user. Often you'll see a consistent pattern emerge directed either at one or many users.

Third-party reports are almost always helpful as they remove the subjectivity of the direct participants.

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