My experience of getting harassed and how Mastadon dealt with it brought up some insights.

1. I joined Mastadon yesterday, a network that presents an alternative to toxic social platforms.

Rest in the pictures below 2-5.

@ideasmithy More power to you Ramya. And a big up for mastodon. Am not active on Twitter, but loving this sanitised space.


@Mimi1234 Likewise. What a refreshing change to be taken seriously and not have to prove that one deserves to be protected from such scum.

@ideasmithy Hope this stays like this as it achieves scale.

@Mimi1234 @ideasmithy why do you think it will not. If we do get RW, we will get more mods. If need be, I will put my hat in the ring, although I detest being the mod. It's no fun :(

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