Where do Indian men learn about violating consent, breaching boundaries and treating human beings as objects for personal use? From families. Tell me that does not sound familiar.

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@ideasmithy Yes I guess. Objectification is a universal thing. There is always some kind of objectification going on when you perceive someone. It helps you in capturing the surroundings and creating a perception about people to use it in future. The question is, what kind of objectification is going on in there which leads to gender or sexual crimes.

@Priyodit I don't think objectification is a default behaviour. It's the deliberate reduction of empathy and forced slotting of human beings into boxes. And it doesn't matter whether it's sexual or otherwise. It's still diminishing a person's personhood and agency.

@ideasmithy Objectification is also known as 'identification' which is important for perception. Even what you call empathy is not possible without objectification. When you use the word 'person' it involves a set of hundreds and thousands of types of objects you have to project in order to create an image of a person. Unless otherwise you dont mean anything at all by it and just throwing words. Most of the times we dont really mean anything while using general words.

@Priyodit Please stop talking to me. I'm not interested in debate or being condescended to.

@ideasmithy Oh. I am sorry. Alright. I thought we could explore a bit more. But I guess we can do that without having to discuss it. In our own time and space.

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