My new year resolution was to sleep on time and I was going to turn off the lights but I looked at Twitter and then

This scene hasn't gotten easier to watch even 25 years later. I was barely 15 when I first saw it and even then I knew something felt horribly wrong.

Must resort to humour to deal.

Ok have to admit it. 90s India was a horrible time to be a young girl. DDLJ tried (after all, he didn't sleep with her though she was drunk because he knows what Hindustani ladki ki izzat is, he asked God to be nice to her) but it's like cotton candy to the starving.


My God I'm literally having near-maternal panic attacks over young me about all the horrible things that could have happened (and some that did happen). Blaming the victims of a horrible society for not being able to buy into fairytales is double evil

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The problem with fairytales for a 1bn population is almost no one is ever that lucky & the alternatives are hell.

I just realised DDLJ was a perfect fairytale for boys in the 90s. Taking off the pressure to be muscled He-Men or sanskari balaks but still having parental prem + ladki. Yeah, okay fair. I don't like having to wait in line over a decade for my fairytale though.

God but SRK is a god. Zero acting talent but then moments like this that make you forget all logic. It's not fair. How's feminism supposed to compete with those eyes?

Okay this scene in the bus where she's dreaming of him and he leans in and it looks like he's going to kiss her but he blows air on her face and jumps away is 😂 and also awwww. Make it stop, I'm not supposed to like this film.

Friend has suggested not superimposing my experiences onto a movie and that I imagine exes as villains instead. So now imagining one ex as Amrish Puri. He was an ass but is now dad to two daughters so will have minor breakdowns as they hit puberty. Khao, khao indeed.

Raj Malhotra was the guy to fall for but is that even a compliment in a world where all male characters are predatory, abusive, narcissistic and controlling? The least monstrous among the monsters was a shallow, lacklustre brat who couldn't be bothered with malice.

Can't you also see that Raj Malhotra would grow up to be exactly the same kind of insensitive, controlling husband & father? He did that in K3G.

@ideasmithy that's always problem. Eyes can be used to connect deeply, manipulating people.
Some man know.
Feminist woman are woman. Having desires.
Connecting there, they can be controlled.

Imho knowing about own desires and having control about, helps.
Not going into brain lost state, checking all over behaviour. Slowly. If things go speedy, brain is off sometimes. Hormonal acting.
Being slow helps to avoid abuse, based on dreams and self betrayal.

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