: We are stagnant in disappointment because we are waiting for someone else to make it okay, to apologise for our hurt, to give us an explanation for our hurt and permission to move on. Closure is an individual quest for resolution. Let it go, turn away, move on.

: Paying attention to your breath is a good way to focus. Inhale deeply. Notice where your breath catches. Exhale slowly and try again. That is all.

Where all do you find yourself saying SORRY when an apology is not required?

: Inspiration is not escape. It will make you feel physically charged but not unsettled. Look for what in your life inspires you. Examine if these are escapes from things you don't want to face or beacons leading you forward. Take hold of your inspiration & grow.

I'm going Live in 10minutes on Instagram (same id as here) with Anu Elizabeth Roche, my equal and opposite in personality. We're talking labels, identity, gender roles on : Black or White?

: We struggle with focus when we are worried or fearful. Focus is not dramatic or large. It is tight, small, even mundane. Close an eye. Cover the ears. Stop speaking for 1 minute. Focus is what appears once the tumult settles. The way out is one small step at a time.

My date tomorrow night is one of the rare gentle places in my life. Catch us at 10PM IST on Instagram Live (id: ideasmithy).

: When you are trapped, survival is your priority. Resentment, jealousy, rage, guilt, blame, control games, mistrust - these do not serve you but actively keep you trapped. Your survival instinct is no more than the willingness to let go of what holds you back.

The ageist OkBoomer joke makers can just sit down. The doctor is in the house. There's an empathy to Dr.Mahinder Watsa's columns, quite unlike the cold doctor approach of only treating bodies. He's talking about the lack of SexEd we've all had.

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Guess what he's talking about here? Before there were the Fab Five or even the original FabFive, there was Dr.Mahinder Watsa building up men in their most vulnerable places. Big dick energy this.

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He is not talking about cup size. But it's okay if you thought so because the genius of MWFS is his wicked sense of humour, marrying science with innuendo. 90s teenagers owe EVERYTHING to this man.

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Heehee look at the email titles. As entertaining as reading the problem part of his columns. For the Gen Y'ers/late millennials here, p0rn before the internet.

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One step at a time. Picked one of my favourite 'nice' sarees. Then fun shirt no one else likes. Then a new drape. High ponytail because hair is long enough. Silver dangly earrings because why not. Mondays are for being my own hypewoman.

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: Feeling deeply shows you care. Caring is a powerful energy, able to move people & heal. Change, movement & interaction are all hurtful experiences. You don't avoid them when you stop caring. You only block your healing. Let yourself care. Heal. Overflow. Move. Grow.

New blouse after six months! It got stuck at tailor in lockdown. I only managed to fetch it last week. The saree is one of mum's that she thinks is too bland. It's starched & ironed, a feeling I'd forgotten under lockdown. I love my look!

next week & I catch up with someone who is my polar opposite but with whom I've found such fulfilling common ground. Anu Elizabeth Roche & I explore the question of Black or White? on Instagram Live (id: ideasmithy) on Wed 16Sep at 10PM IST.

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