Treasure the past. Don't fear it. Fear is a form of unhealthy attachment as is escapism.

- Worli Fort, Mumbai

"Udhari bandh aahe" (Credit closed) - dhobi in Worli fishing village.

My throat has felt alternately scratchy and suddenly clear all of today. Someone told me phlegm represents the pain body within us. So I'm taking this as an indication that I'm displacing it all and maybe some day will be cleaned of it. Good swim. Laps: 40, Dives: 4, Time: 50min

: This day is not yet over. And if you're still breathing, there is still possibility. Chase it, watch it, ignore it or enjoy it - you are still living it. And that is the only way to honour it. Demonstrate how you think life should be lived in how you live yours.

I struggled ever so slightly today but I'll put that down to all the residual phlegm (blockages) still getting cleared out of my respiratory passage.

Laps: 42
Dives: 1 (because it was too windy to be outside the water wet)
Time: 50min (averaging 9min per 10 nonstop laps)

: You are not your reactions. If you find yourself frequently destablised by conflict, ask yourself what draws you and conflict to each other. Some days you are the fight, some days you are the witness. Some days you walk away. It is your choice but it takes effort.

I spotted this stash of musical instruments belonging to some unknown musicians, neatly stored in an alcove that bore the name of 'Kerkar General Stores' in Worli Koliwada Gaon.

Have you grown or are you on top of an artificial edifice? You'll know it's the second if you're crouching, terrified of falling off. This is not height, it's distance from everything that's strengthens you. If fear blinds you, the fall will free you. See.

I had this day. A date with the city, exploring the fishing village along the Worli coastline and ending at Worli fort.

Could you please advise, @citrustwee @Ca_Gi @Gargron? In addition to the above, here's a stranger DMing me to be silent and continuing to do so after being asked not to engage. This is how harassment on the other social platforms has been supported.

Me today. Feeling better about the gone-wrong haircut after a lot of you told me it's not bad (thank you, thank you for the reassurance). This saree gives me jeans vibes so I'm styling it the way I would a pair of denims. Knit top, blue sneakers make it easy for me to forget I'm wearing a traditional Indian garment.

The water is such a good teacher. I started my swim frantic & burnt out in a couple of laps. Then I relaxed and decided to just do as I did when I was a kid and treat the water as a playmate. Slow strokes with closed eyes, a bit crooked but before I knew it, I'd done 10 laps at a go. I realised the trick is closing the eyes to cut out sustains. distractions. Underwater is so peaceful, it's almost like falling asleep but in movement and consciousness.

Laps: 40, Time: 60min

: Everything you want, you've wanted since you were a child. Everything that hurts you, hurt you first when you were a child. What do you wish the world was when you were a child? You are now the will to create and to be that world.


The 60s talked of free love. Millennials say fuck-buddies or if they want to be nice, friends-with-benefits. The term polyamory is having a day. It’s no newer than the other ways we negotiate the politics of sex and affection.

From this Monday. I felt unattractive (bad haircut). I felt disliked, unwanted. I felt confused, restless. I took all that and read what I felt. The stage deserves my whole truth. I deserve my place in this space. Saree is Bengal cotton with a badly made blouse. I'm carrying other people's inadequacies. I must put them down.

I haven't been well. Call it my body's way of cleaning out residual experiences & toxic sentiments. I'm healing in pieces, in a haircut gone wrong, that I'm learning to make peace with. December, I await your glories.

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