@varkychen Ah I see. I quite like my nose even if it is constantly irritated so no to nose jewellery.

The kind of women who attack me today don't realise, I'm not their enemy, I'm their most probable future. Possibly the best one. And that's perhaps why they attack. Poor little slugs.

On Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, one character shows how terrified she is about her husband leaving her because they have no kids with "You did everything perfectly and yet your husband left you". Reminded me of a 'friend' who blocked me because apparently the fact that I had been abused was triggering to her. Women, we deal men's shit and then with this.

I've been trying to steer clear of politics for my own mental health but this just broke my heart. A very young friend of mine shared this and it hurts me deeply to realise the hate movement that is discrimination doesn't spare even children.

I haven't posted a pic in awhile because I've been dealing with Mastodonian disappointments and poor health. So here's one from the archives. This is a cotton ikat saree paired with a self-designed blouse that amazingly matches though it came from a different place. Accessories make this my rocker girl look (mismatched earrings, cuff bracelet, solid square ring, tiger brooch worn on pleats, boots).

@lertsenem Thank you, I stayed for the same reason I'm still on Twitter - because of a few people and not because the platform is particularly good. I may try the others in the fediverse but I see no reason to right now. If they're better moderated only because they're smaller, things are going to decline as they get bigger and I'm not looking for small puddles.

Treasure the past. Don't fear it. Fear is a form of unhealthy attachment as is escapism.

- Worli Fort, Mumbai

I was told a decade ago that sarcasm was the recourse of the weak and I believed it and cut it out of my speech. It was the start of all the defanging of my powers that's been done for a decade. No more. Sarcasm can be weak, yes. But also much of the world is. Pay them in the coin they deserve.

@Owaisbukhari15 Thank you. Do point out the error. I can't see it (which I'll blame on the hour and cold medicine)

It's not like I'm saying men are garbage in general. I have known some intelligent, nice men. But it feels like they're the cut price, bargain basement variety of human beings. D really lowers the value of the real estate, boy.

The cold medicine is making me hungry and there are no trolls to eat now. What's that, food? How 2019 of you.

There have got to be better ways for a woman to live then to depend on those animated test tubes called men.

takes a hit again as my temperature spiked today and allergies went through the roof. Ok I won't blame men for this. Just the metro construction, new building site next door and neighborhood schools who like to torture kids with the March Past method. Me, I'm kids.

Watching S1E1 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and the asshat husband running off to discover himself after one dumb stolen comedy set bombs is so relatable when I think of Indian men, it makes me hurt laugh. Hate laugh, that's what I meant.

"Udhari bandh aahe" (Credit closed) - dhobi in Worli fishing village.

Indulging in situations, conversations and content that trigger you is NOT self-care. Self-care is neither wasteful nor irresponsible nor lazy nor passive. Self-care is what heals you, zero cost. And it can't be by harming someone else either.

My throat has felt alternately scratchy and suddenly clear all of today. Someone told me phlegm represents the pain body within us. So I'm taking this as an indication that I'm displacing it all and maybe some day will be cleaned of it. Good swim. Laps: 40, Dives: 4, Time: 50min

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