: We are stagnant in disappointment because we are waiting for someone else to make it okay, to apologise for our hurt, to give us an explanation for our hurt and permission to move on. Closure is an individual quest for resolution. Let it go, turn away, move on.

Really sick of problematic women latching onto me with "All your big talk about feminism, why aren't you babysitting me?" Anyone who treats a cause as a excuse for misbehaviour/exploitation and the people who champion it as their personal staff is an asshole.

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My feminism is not your knight in shining armour.

I feel like I fell off the treadmill only that treadmill is where most of the world is living.

: Paying attention to your breath is a good way to focus. Inhale deeply. Notice where your breath catches. Exhale slowly and try again. That is all.

I know there are bigger problems at hand but I still don't like being called chick, item or maal and that is a problem.

Where all do you find yourself saying SORRY when an apology is not required?

So many stories on this thread (and a few tiresome "you overestimate how much I meet people" randos)

"You're probably in the background of tens of thousands of photos without realizing."

Victim complexes and abusive tendencies go hand in hand.

Man passed me on road in BIG car, blared his horn. Sunday's getting knocked down made me more careful but an older man in front of me rakh jumped. If you're a vehicle driver, be a bit sensitive to people walking on the road. Pedestrians are not lesser lives.

I bought eggs from a street shop. Asked the guy to tie the plastic bag so they wouldn't roll out. He said no, that's when I realised he had only one hand. This is a time to be more mindful of other people not less. Nothing excuses callousness or cruelty.

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Went out for the first time since I got knocked down by a delivery guy on the road who rode off grinning. I'm on antibiotics for the inflammation of wounds on both feet. But determined af not to let poisonous men get me down.

: Inspiration is not escape. It will make you feel physically charged but not unsettled. Look for what in your life inspires you. Examine if these are escapes from things you don't want to face or beacons leading you forward. Take hold of your inspiration & grow.

Our news media seems to draw heavily from the bottom-of-barrel social media right now so what does that spell for us all?

"How viral social media memes trigger real-world violence" bigthink.com/memes-trigger-vio

I'm going Live in 10minutes on Instagram (same id as here) with Anu Elizabeth Roche, my equal and opposite in personality. We're talking labels, identity, gender roles on : Black or White?

: We struggle with focus when we are worried or fearful. Focus is not dramatic or large. It is tight, small, even mundane. Close an eye. Cover the ears. Stop speaking for 1 minute. Focus is what appears once the tumult settles. The way out is one small step at a time.

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