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What image comes to mind when you hear or read this?

1. "The tragedy of the Indian media: a short story."

In 2008 one of my colleagues arrived back at her house to find her maid missing.

After a bit of searching she found the maid sitting in the park, with the dog, enjoying the afternoon.

When my colleague asked what was happening, the maid replied, "But didi, the world is going to end, so I thought I might as well sit outside."

Puzzled, my colleague asked why she thought the world might end.

"They said so on TV," the maid replied.

I don't ever want to see an advertisement again. im tired of new. shiny plastic and steel reflecting everything away from it, washed clean again and again. give me dull, matte, muddy, dusty, rusty. I want to feel the length of the ages around me. give me grandpa's shovel and the family recipe. give me a house that has seen birth and death and has kept standing. give me a blanket worn so thin, so patched you cannot discern the original pattern. continuity of life and of care, instead of rushing from one novelty to the next.

Nothing beats cotton in Mumbai. I'm not a fan of starching-ironing since they're laborious and wasteful. A white-and-blue cotton saree looks great, feels even better without these. I realised only after this saree arrived that it's faux batik print, not original indigo. So I paired it with a FabIndia spaghetti strap top in original indigo. I didn't even need to drape it especially - those folds fall that way on their own.

This @stux has won Tamil Mastodon. Future idlis will be hereby served with Stux thengai chutney.

Would you mind telling me? Which of these have you liked most in my toots? If you have a suggestion for what I should toot on, please comment.

@carbontwelve Please add me to Blogging, Everyday Life, Feminism, Free Culture, India, Tarot, Witchcraft, Writing.

It's been a week since I joined Mastadon. How's it been treating all of you? Is there anything you think I should check out or explore here? Anybody I should connect with?



It's a quiet blush
and silent thanks for skin so brown it doesn't show
and more for heartbeats getting louder that no one can hear
It's quiet, so quiet
it's delicious and warm
the way gratitude can feel
Thank you for existing

@ideasmithy Mindfulness is helpful is keeping you grounded in the now. Which in turn prevents the pendulum of thoughts from swinging too widely and erratically. The whole idea of healthy mental process is not about avoiding negative emotions (we need them) but to prevent those emotions from becoming dysfunctional for us. So anxiety prepares you for challenge but shouldn’t overwhelm you. Anger keeps you pointed in the moral north but should become destructive. Mindfulness helps that! Makes sense?

Just had my first experience of "OMG I wish this person was on Mastodon so I could boost the great stuff they said on the birdsite, here."

Why can't I find Omair Ahmad here? If you know his handle here, please share in comments.

Most online articles about mental health are content marketing for therapy centers and therapists. While I get why they're doing it, it doesn't actually help to get associated with the Big Pharma capitalist agenda way of bringing health and wellness to the world.

Amla makes everything better. It makes my breakfast salad taste like chaat. It makes my saliva taste sweet after, literally making me sweeter tongued. It's a lovely, soothing colour. And it has a ton of health benefits. I love amla.

I got some RTs on the birdsite for the same and one friend reaching out. It's the same people here and there so what's different? I don't think people are cold or toxic. I think there's behavioural cues & restrictions that determine how we function on either. The birdsite reminds us of a warzone, of getting trolled, having to prove we've the right to be. It's harder to remain empathetic there or to express it openly.

I got so many kind responses to my request for help, on Mastadon. Thank you for re-affirming my faith in community, even a new one.

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