Wow, licensing all of these characters must have cost a fortune!

@idesofmerch is this the new round of starter avatars for secondlife

@idesofmerch Is this a Create A Wrestler mode on something because if so I need whatever game allows you to create Pumpkin Crimes

@lousycanuck Yeah, it's WWE 2K19, it's good but don't get it unless it's on sale.

@idesofmerch Yeah. Having been burned by WWE 2k18 at full price, I'm not planning on buying another one for a long time without a damn good sale.

@lousycanuck I mean, they go down to half price for Black Friday and Wrestlemania weekend EVERY YEAR. I heard 2K19 was a BIG step forward, and it is but it still has A LOT of room for improvement. I always recommend skipping a year for any sports game, but ESPECIALLY wrestling games.

@idesofmerch wait when did Weird Al become public domain

@ComputerHusband I tooted this FROM joke prison. Now they're going to throw me into solitary confunment.

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