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Perhaps, any amount of context wouldn't hurt:

Today's update explores princesses and their relationship to the field of mortal combat.

Perhaps, any amount of context wouldn't

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Today's update is The Princess and the Princess and the Frog and the Mushroom Tree Bug Thing.

Read the comic, which does not feature a talking mosquito, so don't worry:

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Today's update is shooting down some potential grillovations. Read the whole comic here, for more cooking woes: cw: food, meat.

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This is risking it's robot's walkiesometer getting to dangerously low levels

Increase your social media engagement with my :

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Today's update is stored in the cloud.

If you cuss, I'll cuss, we'll all cuss for asparagus while reading my

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Celebrate the potato with my

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Today features a prominent update to the Good Boy Confirmation Database (GoBoCoDa)

Everything from good boys to bad girls to neutral non-binaries should read my

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Today's update was originally just going to be Wistare being super nosy. Which is the next update instead.

Find out why a character in-universe and also readers might want this explanation, by reading my :

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Today's update is unexpectedly taking the stairs.

CW: for more overt-than-usual sexual text

Read my even though you never see Shelley's office in it like you do here, the reason I assume you're here:

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Today's update is: explaining what Shelley's job is.

Read my which I promise will never be a mid-00s motion comic.

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Today's update believes all ghost cops, and cops who were ghosts, are bastards (AGCACWWGAB)

None/All of the characters in my are bastards

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today's update believes that the real villain of Ghostbusters in the ineffectual bureaucracy of 80s New York City.

Most of my comic is not about Ghostbusters, but feel free to read it anyway:

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Today's OTHER update is in a Dice-y situation. cw: overt reference to sexual intercourse.

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Today's update does not think stealing an empty seat is a crime!

There are INFINITE empty seats for you to steal in front of my

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Today's update is for sale: one bedroom, never slept in.

climb the ladder into the impassable floor that is my

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today's update is the creaking weight of an amateur DIYer's hubris

read my which itself is an act of hubris

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today's update is living on the cleaver's edge.

Read my , which admittedly has no explicit nudity, but don't hold that against it

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in today's update, three to seven wrongs make a neutral.

read my and save the images to your phone if you wish. I will not hold you down and delete them off your phone.

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Hope you don't mind me foreshadowing something that will MAYBE run in my comic two years from now if I bust really hard.

read it and wait:

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Wow, guess they're not watching Adventures in Babysitting tonight after all

read my which you can pretend takes place in the Baby Blues Extended Universe if it makes you happy

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@idesofmerch can't wait until they get to ghostbusters 2 and start screaming about a subway full of goop

Then again I've never been to NYC and that might be normal there


It's weird how much an indented conversation between different people (and so differnt avatars) gives a better feel than the page-long monologous rant from Wistare, even though the rant was interesting in itself (at least in cioncept)...


I don't remember who's Whitney?
Do you read Dumbing of Age?
Each comic strip is tagged with the name of the characters that appear in it and the tags refer to a page listing all the strips (with a thumbnail image) where they appear, I found this feature very useful.

@LienRag She's Clance's Fiancee, and there's a context clue - "She's never around." It's explained a little bit in the last issue but more in depth in the next.


The mixing of pictures and dialogs defitnitely works much better than dialog-only pages...

Will you use Wistare's new picture (the not-deleted one) as her profile picture? It would make sense storywise and the change would probably be welcome.
The change worked well for Shelley's, it probably would for Wistare's.


The deadpan humor is really what works the best in these dialogues...

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